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If you want a girl to fall in love with you, you need her to perceive you as an attractive man. Did you notice I didn’t say good-looking man? Being attractive has nothing to do with natural beauty. It’s all about displaying the right type of traits, highlighting your assets, and hiding your flaws.

Of course, style is full of rules, and we can’t cover them all in one short article. But, I can give you three basic principles that you must follow to make women perceive you as an attractive man.

Remember, in the communications arena perception is reality. So, yes sometimes just by changing your appearance you can make a girl fall in love with you.


#1. – Grooming

Grooming is a basic principle of style. You can change your clothes, but if you don’t shave your face, and get a good hair cut, you won’t get results. There is a reason you see male models with a nice clean shave on magazines, it complements the power of their clothes.

There is an evolution principle that makes women look for strong genes when mating. Of course, all this takes place on their subconscious mind, nevertheless you should be aware of it.

Just by cleaning your face you will increase your chances of mating by a thousand fold because a clean face makes you look younger and healthier, and women will assume you have strong genes.


But girls love my mustache!

If you have a beard, or a mustache, and you believe girls love it, let me ask you one question. What makes you say they love your mustache? They told you? Cause let me tell you one thing about women. You should not listen to their words. You should listen to their actions. And if they are not dating you it means they don’t actually dig your mustache.

If you are actually dating the girl you love, then you don’t need to do anything to change your life. But, if it’s change what you are after. Ask yourself, is it reasonable to expect different results if I keep doing the same things?


#2. – Make sure everything fits

One of the main rules of style is to make sure everything fits. You should seriously consider adding a couple of tailored made shirts to your wardrobe. It will have a huge impact on the way people perceive you.

If you learn to buy clothes wisely you can build a great wardrobe with about 30 pieces. This will allow you to buy high-quality clothes, without breaking your bank. You will be able to purchase tailored made items that fit you like a glove. Remember, the better they fit the more attractive you will be.


#3. – Train your clothes

Working out will help you increase the power of your style, and you can even see results after your first session.

Your posture will improve almost instantly this will automatically change the perception women have about you. Second, your self-esteem will increase this will make your personal style even more powerful. And finally, if you commit and work out on a regular basis, you will improve your physical shape.

Study the points above stated, I hope you realize you can become an attractive man almost overnight, just by improving a few things in your appearance.

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In this article I am going to show you how to get the girl you love, and how to build a deep connection with her. But first you need to understand…


What is a deep connection?

What am I talking about when I say a deep connection? In short, it means you are not trapped in the friend-zone. It means you can create some feelings in a girl and make her feel sexually attracted to you. She feels comfortable and tense at the same time when she is around you, or when she thinks about you.

Having a deep connection with a girl means that she actually knows you, and that you know her. You can communicate with each other without words. You have the feeling that you can read her mind.

So, how do you connect with a girl almost instantly?

First, you need to pay attention. You should pay attention to your thoughts and feelings because they affect what you communicate to the girl through your body language. And you want to send the right type of messages to the girl to make her feel attracted to you.

You should also pay attention to her. Her body language will let you know how is she feeling, and what does she need. If you learn to read a woman, and satisfy her needs, she will become addicted to you.

Another way to make a deep connection with women is by helping them get in touch with their feminine side. This is really quite simple. If you learn to perform your male role you will force them to perform their female role and they will feel attracted to you. In other words, behave like a man so she can behave like a woman.

This means you should be in control all the time. You can’t let her see your vulnerable side; so don’t share your feelings with her. Instead invite her, through your attitude, to share her feelings.

Finally, move slowly. You can’t make deep connections with women if you behave in an anxious way. The more calm and relaxed you appear the more connection you will create with women. Just be careful, you should not appear like a boring man who lacks energy. You should display coolness, not boredom.

Learn to build connection with women and they will feel irresistibly attracted to you. No matter your age, looks, or income. Remember, no girl is out of your league.

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Most guys can’t tell when a girl wants to sleep with them, because they don’t know how to read her. In this article I want to reveal the signs that will help you know for sure when she is ready to have sex with you.


#1. – Pay attention to the things she shares with you

When a girl wants to have sex she will share things with you that she would normally not share with other people. For example, she will take gum out of her mouth and give it to you, or she may take your lollipop and put it in her mouth.

You need to pay attention to these subtle clues, because she is talking to you and she expects you to take action. Maybe she is not openly inviting you to her bed but she definitely wants some mouth-to-mouth action and see how things evolve from there.


#2. – She stays with you

If she goes to a party, or to a club, with her friends and she spend most of the time with you it means that she likes you. If she stays in the place after all her girlfriends have gone home it means she wants to go with you.

If you can’t read a message as clear as this one I can’t help you.


#3. – She invites you in

When you take a girl home and she invites you in, for a drink, it may be a sign that she wants to have sex with you. Pay attention to the time, the later the hour the clearer the message.


#4. – She touches you

A girl who wants to have sex with you will touch you often. Try to read her touch. Is it sensual? As a general rule, if she wants to go to bed with you she will touch your face very often, frequently with both hands. And she will also hold your hand.

You need to feel relaxed at all times. If you feel anxious you will transmit this feeling to her through the physical contact and it may kill the mood.


#5. – She stares at your mouth

When a girl is feeling aroused she will pay a lot of attention to your mouth, and to your neck. And when she speaks to you her face will be very close to your face. Try to find out what is the part of your face she is focused on, and if she leans forward when she talks to you.

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The secrets on how to impress women are hardly esoteric; in fact they are quite simple, so simple that most guys don’t believe in them. I dare you to test them. Give them one chance and you will be amazed with the results.

In this article I want to show you how to impress any girl you meet. By the time you finish reading you will learn some things about yourself, and you will realize that no girl is out of your league.


#1. – Just be yourself, yes it’s simple but it works!

Many guys believe that who they are is not enough to attract gorgeous women, so they act. They behave in the way they believe women want them to behave. The problem is that women have a sense that allows them to see when a man is lying.

Yes, one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you to impress women is “You just need to be yourself.” But, what does it mean to be yourself?

First, it means you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. Learn to believe in yourself, and no girl will be out of your league. You are a worthy man; you have everything you need to attract any girl you desire. The only thing you need is some confidence.

Second, you need to understand that there is only one constant in life: change. If you don’t force yourself to go up, life will take you down. Being yourself means becoming the best man you can be. You should make an effort to improve everyday. Don’t waste your time, live every day as if it’s the last day of your life.

Don’t say through you actions, “this is the peak of my life, take it or leave”, or no girl will be attracted to you. Instead say, “This is just a part of me, a man full of potential”. I give you my word; women will be throwing themselves to you.


#2. – Learn to read women

Sometimes communicating with women is frustrating. Men use words to say things, while women want you to read their minds. They love to play “the guess what I am thinking game”. The good news is that if you learn to play this game effectively you will always have the upper hand.

The secret here is to understand that females don’t speak through words they speak through actions. Learn to listen to their behavior, to their actions and reactions, and you will turn into a chick-magnet. You will impress every woman you meet.

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I decided to become a natural with women after an accident almost killed me. And I want to assure you one thing, anyone can learn to attract women naturally, you just need a firm resolution and confidence in yourself.

One of the most important things you need to learn to become a natural with women is how to get physical with them. Touching women in the right way will make them crazy for you, while getting physical in the wrong way will make them feel, at least, uncomfortable around you.

So, in this article I want to reveal the best ways to start the physical contact with women and make them feel irresistibly attracted to you.


First, touch them with your eyes…

What do you think would happen if you just start touching a girl as soon as you meet with her? Of course, she will feel offended. And she will build a defense wall that will be very hard to overturn in the future.

Before you even try to get physical with a girl you need to learn how to create sexual comfort, and sexual tension, with your eyes. You look at her directly in the eyes and then, if she welcomes your gaze, you start looking at other parts of her body, like her lips and shoulders.

Using your eyes in the right way will make her feel attracted to you, and she will be the one who starts the physical interaction.


You need to find a reason to touch her…

You don’t always need to let women start the physical interaction. You can take the initiative, and touch a girl, as long as you find a reason to do it, and as long as it feels natural.

For example, if she says: “I am bored.” You can pat her back and say: “You, poor girl.” Or, if you feel that she is losing interest in the conversation you can say: “I have to go, I’ll see you around”. And give her a kiss in the cheek.

Try to notice how does she react to your attempts to touch her. If she sends you positive signals you can escalate. If she doesn’t respond positively retreat and wait for another opportunity.

The most important thing you need to understand when you are touching women is that you need to feel comfortable. If it doesn’t feel natural to you, it won’t feel natural to them either.

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Some years back, I was almost killed in a horrible accident. This near-death experience taught me to fix things before it’s too late. Yes, some girls cheat, that’s the sad truth. But, this doesn’t mean you should be a helpless victim.

In this article I am going to reveal some of the main reasons why women cheat, and how you can fix this problem before it’s too late.


Some girls are looking for an excuse…

Some girls cheat on their boyfriends because they are looking for an excuse to end the relationship. In most cases it is because they don’t feel sexually attracted to their men anymore.

My sister has a phrase that says: “comfort is disgusting.” And she is right. Some couples start feeling so comfortable with each other that they let the mystery, and glamour, die in their relationships.

For example, some guys fart, and burp, in front of their girls; and they don’t feel any shame. Or, sometimes they go to the restroom and leave the door open. Most guys stop caring about their appearance when they feel their girls are tied to them.

Remember, your girl should see your best side most of the time. This will keep her sexually attracted to you, and as a consequence she will always remain loyal to you.


She feels rejected, ignored, or underappreciated…

Many guys work 14 hours a day to earn a lot of money, because they believe that the more stuff they have, the more successful they will be. Unfortunately this type of thinking has a huge impact on relationships.

If you don’t have free time for your girl, she will cheat on you. And don’t try to compensate the lack of attention with money. Because you will make her feel attraction for the things you buy to her, not to you. And she will cheat on you anyway.

The best way to fix this problem is to seek financial freedom. And you achieve this mainly by learning to spend your money wisely. What is more important to you, having the biggest luxury car, which by the way you only use to go from home to the office and back, or to spend more time with your girl?

Find a way to have some free time, and use that time to give your girl some fun and adventure.


Bedroom boredom

One of the main reasons women cheat is because they feel bored in the bedroom.

Keep your girl sexually satisfied and she will never cheat on you. Sex is something you can become very skillful at, if you make an effort and study. You can buy books, courses, or seek professional counseling. The point you need to remember, is that no one is born as a natural sex god, it is something you learn.

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Some years back, after a near-death experience, I made the resolution to improve myself and stop wasting my life. And, like most guys, one of the areas that I needed to improve the most was my dating life.

I was around hot girls all the time, but they just saw me as a good friend. They used to say I was a nice guy and, although I am sure they meant that in a nice way, I felt insulted. I didn’t want to be the nice guy, I wanted to be the bad guy all girls fall in love with.

I know that awful feeling that comes from living in the friend-zone. I’ve been there, and I share your pain. In this article I want to reveal some of the things I’ve learned. I am sure these secrets will help you make hot females see you as a potential sexual partner.


Don’t let her get used to your presence…

Yes, you need to make women feel comfortable around you; after all you need them to trust you. But, unless you can make them feel stressed at the same time you will end in the friend-zone.

To put it in simple terms, a girl needs to feel she can trust you, but that she can’t trust herself when she is around you. If you behave as another one of her friends, and build comfort without sexual tension, you will become that nice guy who lives in the friend-zone.

Don’t let her get used to your presence, avoid the routine. Become a mysterious guy, and always build sexual tension. Women will become obsessed with you.


Make her change her perception about you…

If you want to attract a girl you already know, and who just sees you as a friend. The first thing you need to do is to make her change her perception about you. You should become a new man, a better man. You should improve so much that she shouldn’t be able to recognize you anymore.

The best place to start when you want to change your life, and become a new man, is by learning the rules of fashion. Changing your clothes will have a positive effect in your life for two main reasons.

First, you will feel better about yourself almost instantly. As a result, your behavior will change and your powers of influence will increase.

Second, the perception the world has about you will improve. A lot of females will be attracted to you. And, when a lot of hot females feel attracted to you, your friend will also feel attracted to you.


Tease all the time, and then tease some more…

Don’t let women share their problems with you, or you will become their best friend. When they start talking about negative topics, don’t show them support just change the subject.

If she keeps trying to share her problems with you just tease her. For example, if she says: “all men are jerks”. Trying to start a conversation about her boyfriend. You can answer, “Well, we try our best” or “have you considered turning into a lesbian?” Just make her laugh and avoid becoming her tear pillow and you will be safe.

Tease her all the time and she will see you as a confident, alpha male, with a strong presence. And she will feel attracted to you.

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Women want sex as much as men, maybe even more, they just don’t admit it as openly as we do. If you learn to push the right buttons, in the right moment, they will beg you for sex. It’s not as hard as most guys believe it is.

In this article I want to reveal the real secrets that will make women sexually attracted to you. I hope this article can help you change the way in which you relate with women.


Before we start you need to understand…

You don’t need to learn to manipulate women to make them feel sexually attracted to you. So forget about finding mind tricks that will force them to do something against their will because they don’t exist.

To attract women you should learn what are their needs and how to satisfy them in the best way possible. As simple as that! Learn what buttons you need to push to please them, and you will enjoy the abundance of women others dream about.


#1. – Build a strong sexual presence

If I had to pick one thing that guys need to do to make women feel sexually attracted to them that one thing would be to build a strong sexual presence. You need to learn to direct wisely the sexual energy that your system naturally generates.

This means you should stop masturbating. Of course, if you accumulate a lot of sexual energy you will need to release it or it will have the opposite effect. And instead of making you exude sexual confidence it will make you look like a needy, and awkward, guy.

The important thing to understand is that you need to find balance. Don’t release your sexual energy automatically. Instead, let it accumulate and channel it wisely. This will help you develop a sexual presence that will make women feel aroused just by been near you.


#2. – Direct your sexual energy wisely

So, now you have a huge reserve of sexual energy, how do you use it? Use your eyes.

The power of your gaze will increase a thousand fold once you have enough energy accumulated in your system. Just look directly into women’s eyes and they will start experiencing some chemical, and physical, responses that will make them feel aroused.

Then, use the power of your touch. Channeling sexual energy through touch is a powerful way to make women feel sexually attracted to you. Try it, you will be amazed with the results.

Your feelings and beliefs affect the way in which the world perceives you, and the amount of influence you have over them. This is not my opinion is a proven fact. So, learn to direct your sexual energy wisely and women will be begging you for sex.

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This little secret will turn you into a chick-magnet almost overnight: You don’t need to know how to attract gorgeous women to feel good about yourself, you need to feel good about yourself to attract gorgeous women, as simple as that!

If you don’t think this is a secret then, let me ask you, how many guys do you know who work on improving their self-assurance, instead of trying to learn some magic mind trick, or unbeatable pickup line to attract gorgeous women? Almost none I would guess.


How I discovered this secret…

I learned this secret in the hard way. On May 11th 2007 I was almost killed in a severe accident. This near encounter with death seeded in me the desire to become the best man I could be, and to learn how to enjoy life as much as possible.

To my surprise women reacted positively to this shift in my attitude. They were throwing themselves to me everywhere I went, without me even trying. This made me realize that females are not attracted to money, or looks. After all, I was the same guy. The only thing that changed was my attitude.

Females are attracted to alpha males. I am sure you have seen them, they are those guys who live life in their own terms, and who exude power, and passion regardless of their looks or how much money they have.


I know it’s simple, but it works!

Most guys don’t understand that most of what they say to women doesn’t come out of their mouths. That’s why most times pickup lines don’t work. If you say one thing with your mouth, and another thing with your attitude, and body language, you won’t get the desired results.

For example, you can say to a girl: “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material” But, if your body language is not congruent with your words she will hear you say: “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Loser material.”

The difference relies on how you feel about yourself. Your feelings and beliefs affect how people perceive you.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin you won’t be able to attract any girl, no matter how desperate she is. Even if her desperation forces her to show interest in you, she will leave you as soon as she finds a better prospect.

I want you to engrave one idea in your mind; no girl is out of your league. I have witnessed a lot of ugly, and broke, guys dating top models just because they felt comfortable in their own skin.

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A near-death experience made me change the way in which I related with women. Now I can connect with them on a deeper level. I know what they want, and how to give it to them. In this article I want to share some ideas that will help you create the right impressions on your first date, and leave lasting positive effects.


#1. – Greet with a hug

You can’t make a female feel attracted to you unless you make her feel comfortable around you, and you create sexual tension in the right moment, and in the right amount. And you can only achieve this through touching.

There is a lot of power in touching; it will help you create comfort and tension at the same time.

Greeting women with a hug is a good idea for several reasons. First, it is not perceived as a threat. Second, it will build strong foundations for escalating your touching attempts in the future. And finally you can gain a general sense of how she is feeling.

So, as soon as you meet your date greet her with a hug. Just make sure you don’t hug her in the same way you hug your grandmother or your pals. You want her to think of you as a potential sexual partner, not as a friend.


#2. – Don’t try to impress her

Most guys don’t realize it, but when they try to impress a girl they decrease their social value, and their desirability. You are basically saying to her: “I know my attributes can’t be easily perceived so I need to point them out.”

Instead you should behave in a playful way. Be open and honest. Don’t qualify yourself to her. This will make her perceive you as an insecure man.


#3. – Choose the right topics to talk about.

Most guys try to talk about serious matters on their first date. After all, they are trying to show the girl they are intelligent and interesting guys. But, to connect to women on a deep level you need to keep the conversation casual and let her know your true self.

Act, like you would with one of your male friends. I am sure you wouldn’t discuss about politics, or economics with your friends on a bar, would you? Let her guide the conversation, listen attentively and use the clues she throws at you when she is talking.

For example, if she says, “I spent summer with my family and I enjoyed it very much”, you’ll know that family is an important topic for her. You can answer, “What was so fun about it?” She will give you another clue on how to win her heart. Keep her talking and she will enjoy her first date, and you will build strong foundations for the future.

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It’s almost inevitable, when couples have been dating for a long time they start feeling comfortable with each other, and the attraction fades away and dies.

I want you to engrave one idea in your mind; you should never take things for granted in your life. And, if you love your girl, you shouldn’t let her take you for granted.

OK, so you’re probably wondering, “Who is this guy, and what makes him think he can give me advice about relationships?” My name is Luigi Carucci and on May 11th 2007 I was near a big alcohol container while it exploded. Half of my body was severely injured, and I thought I was going to die.

This near encounter with death taught me to appreciate the important things of life, and never take anything for granted. Since then my life has never been the same.

In this article I want to share my experience, and show you how to keep the passion in your life, and as a consequence in your relationships.


#1. – Be spontaneous

Most guys let their lives become a boring routine. They live their life on autopilot mode, so it gets very predictable. This lifestyle kills a little part of their spirit every day, and of course it affects every area of their life.

Add a little bit of spontaneity to your life and it will never be the same. You will find moneymaking opportunities everywhere you go, and you will enjoy fun and exciting relationships with every single person you interact with, especially with your girl.

Remember, nothing kills attraction faster than routine. Don’t take your girl for granted, or she will do the same to you. When a relationship becomes predictable it is doomed, so make an effort and add some impulsive choices in your life.

You don’t need to climb the Everest, or fight with tigers, just take some unplanned actions that take you out of your routine, and include your girl in your plans.

I promise, if your girl don’t know what your next action will be, she will never take you for granted, and she will always be attracted to you. This attitude will also add an air of mystery to your personality making your girl obsessed with you, because she won’t be able to read you with ease.


#2. – Look attractive

My near-death experience made me realize I don’t know when I am going to die. Maybe a minute from now, or it could be 20 years from now. The point is, that for me every second of my life is important and I always make an effort to show my best version.

This attitude has several positive consequences. First, I always show my best look to the people I interact with. This increases my powers of influence, and my social value.

Second, this attitude also reminds me that every minute of my life is important, so I never take anything for granted. This is a quality that women are attracted to.

And finally, showing my best version to the world will make other women attracted to me, so my girl will be more attracted to me also, and she won’t take me for granted; simple yet powerful stuff. Try it and prove me wrong!

If you don’t take your life for granted, and learn to enjoy every second of your existence, your girl will learn to appreciate you more. That’s a fact!

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Several years back I was almost killed by a horrible accident. My near-death experience, not only, changed my perspective about life, but also the way in which I related to people, especially with women.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my accident was to live in the moment and stop worrying about the future. Most guys don’t enjoy their interactions with women because of their propensity to over-think the process.

They are worried about the outcome, or what to say next. This blocks their minds and, as a result, the conversations don’t flow naturally. Guys who live in their head also tend to be anxious, and this causes their body language to send negative signals to the females they are interacting with.

So, the first step you need to take to talk to women successfully is to learn to enjoy the moment. As simple as that! Talking to women is a natural process; it is something you were born ready for. You just need to learn how to enjoy it, and let it flow.

I want to share some ideas that will help you recover your natural power to talk to women. By the time you finish reading this article you will discover some amazing things about yourself, and a whole new way of relating to women.


#1. – Don’t talk; listen!

When you talk to women, do you listen attentively? To be successful with women you need to shut up and learn to listen. This will allow you to really know the girl you are talking to. As a result, the conversation will be fun and spontaneous.

You will also decrease your levels of anxiety, since over-thinking is the number one enemy. Remember, just be there, live in the moment and pay attention to the woman you are talking to.


#2. – Forget about the outcome, and don’t put her on a pedestal

Can you talk to hot girls like you talk to your best friends? It doesn’t matter how hot a girl is, or how much do you crave for her attention. Just talk to her in the same way you talk to your friends.

Again, live in the moment, and forget about the outcomes. This will decrease your anxiety levels, and the vibe you project will influence her in a positive way. When you talk to your friends you don’t think about outcomes, do you? That’s why you feel relaxed around them.

Don’t put women on pedestals because you will subconsciously try to qualify yourself to them, and this will decrease your social value. Just relax, and only let positive thoughts in your mind.


#3. – Don’t take it personal

Do you have a bullet proof confidence? Even the best-looking guys in the world, I mean real chick magnets, fail sometimes. If a girl is not open to talk to you, or if she is rude, don’t take it personally.
Don’t let it affect your ego. Don’t let one failure affect your confidence, or it will be harder for you to talk to women in the future. Instead, remember all your successes.

Learn to enjoy your life, and become the man you deserve to be and you will enjoy the success with women others dream about.

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On May 11th 2007 I suffered a severe accident that almost killed me. My near-death experience made me realize that time is not only money; it’s life. So, I promised myself I wasn’t going to waste another minute of my life every again.

This sense of urgency has been very helpful in my business ventures. I learned that the only thing that separates wealthy people from the rest is their determination, their willingness to take action.


Making money out of nothing…

I wanted financial freedom, and I was determined to acquire it. I decided I was going to do it trading stocks or currencies. The problem was that after one year in the hospital, and a lot of medical expenses, I didn’t have the initial capital needed for my venture.

I made some research and found out that many brokers let people open free demo accounts to help them learn how to trade, and also to help them gain a general sense of how the markets behave. I also found that these financial institutions organized regular contests for the people who traded on those demo accounts.

The prizes for winning one of those competitions ranged from real money accounts, to cash prizes, tablets and smart phones. So, the only thing I needed to do was to win one of them, and obtain the funds I needed to start trading for real.

I know what you are thinking, easily said than done! Well, it’s easier than most people believe.

You see, most people treat their demo accounts as real accounts. After all they are trying to learn how to make money in real life. On the other hand, I saw these accounts as a game, a contest I needed to win.

On a real account you have to think long-term, you diversify and you minimize risks. On a demo account you need to make as much money as possible, on the shortest amount of time. So, you concentrate your resources, and take the risks you are not supposed to take with real money.


The game plan…

There is a concept in the stock, and currency market, called a gap. It’s a pattern that is formed when the open price is higher, or lower, than the close price of the previous session. As a general rule, these gaps tend to be filled. In other words, the price moves back to the original pre-gap level.

If, for example, you are trading a demo Forex account the only thing you need to do is wait for the markets to open on Sunday, and watch for a gap in the opening price of one of the major pairs. As soon as you find an opportunity you open all the lots that you can in the opposite direction of the gap.

Depending on the size of the gap, and the spread of the pair you are trading, you will be able to make a profit of 50%, 100% or higher. Repeat this strategy as long as the contest lasts and you will be one of those guys in the prize list.

If something goes wrong, just look for another contest, there are thousands of them online.



This strategy was designed exclusively for the purposes of winning free contests. Never trade real money irresponsibly or you will pay the consequences.

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Are you concerned about the loyalty of your girl? I don’t want to be the carrier of bad news, but the numbers play against you. Recent research proves that 68% of women would cheat on their partners if they knew they could do it without getting caught.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your girl is cheating on you for sure. You could be one of those guys who live on the other side of the statistic. But, just to be sure, look for this signs in your girl…


#1. – Does she give you unusual attention?

As a general rule, a girl will try to compensate her partner when she cheats on him. She will behave unusually attentive, or she will give him gifts for no apparent reason. Of course, this signs may also indicate that she cares about you, so you need to be careful.

What you need to look for are unusual changes in her behavior.


#2. – Is she comfortable when her phone is out of sight?

How does your girl behave when her phone rings, or when it’s out of sight? If she gets anxious it may be a sign that she has something to hide. If you girl lets you borrow her phone without hesitation it means that she is clean, and you have nothing to worry about.


#3. – Is she suddenly taking care of her appearance?

All girls are worried about their looks, but again we are looking for unusual changes in their behavior. If your girl suddenly starts working out, or if she gets all dressed up to go to the grocery store, it may be a sign that she is cheating on you.


The fact that most girls would cheat on their partners if they had the chance doesn’t mean that it should happen to you. There was a time when you were the only man in your girl’s mind.

The problem is that most guys let their relationships fall into a boring routine. They also let the sexual tension disappear, and finally they stop challenging their girls. You need to know what turns her on, and please her mind and body on a regular basis.

You need to become the best man you can be, and learn to live with passion. If you don’t enjoy your life you can’t expect your girl to want to be a part of it, she will cheat on you on the first chance she gets.

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Here is a big irony of life: “Luck escapes from guys who depend on it.” In other words, if you are one of those guys who need the stars on his side to be successful, you are going to lose. Alpha males are men of action. They build their own luck. When life gives them lemons, they make lemonade.

It doesn’t matter what is your current situation. No girl is out of your league. You have all the qualities needed to attract the hottest girls in the world. You just need to believe in yourself, and stop resting your hopes on luck.

In this article I am going to show you how some minor changes in your attitude will help you get lucky tonight, and attract any girl you desire.

#1. – Make your own luck

As a general rule, guys who depend on luck have low self-esteem. They will receive whatever life pleases to throw at them. This lack of confidence will make their body language send all the wrong signals to females, and as a result, they will not get lucky.

On the other hand, guys who make their own luck, take what they want from life. They enjoy challenges, and always display a fearless mindset. They settle for nothing but the best, and this attitude makes females crazy for them.

#2. – Females look for supply and security

Females look for two main traits in men: Security and supply. If you can show them that you are a good provider, and that if needed a good protector, they will be attracted to you. How? Become a man of action.

A guy with a lottery-ticket mind will lose the prize before the balls start rolling. In other words, unless you display a fearless attitude, and make them believe that you are prepared to face any challenge, they will reject you before you even open your mouth.

#3. – Small minds have dreams; big minds have gorgeous girls

Don’t be one of those guys who let their life pass them by, while they are dreaming of big accomplishments. You can have anything you want; you just need to take action. If you go through life with a fearless attitude you won’t need luck because you’ll have consistency. Hot girls will be throwing themselves to you wherever you go.

I know this sounds so simple, but it works. It’s amazing how some minor changes in your attitude can change your life and help you enjoy the luck with women others dream about.

If you want to know the biggest secret women are hiding about what turns them on, watch this presentation from my friend  Josh Pellicer.