The Only Thing You Need to Know to Achieve Financial Freedom

I want to share the story of two guys I know. Both of them graduated as chefs from the same culinary school. Both of them have the same level of skills, and if you taste their food I am sure you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference because both of them always walk an extra mile to offer high quality products to their customers.

Both of my friends opened restaurants in the same neighborhood, and they both offer top-level service to their customers. Most people would assume that both of my friends enjoy the same level of success in their businesses, but the truth is they don’t.

One of them is a millionaire, his restaurant is always full, and everyday you can see lines of people outside of his business waiting to get a table. On the other hand, my other friend struggles to make ends meet, and he is facing bankruptcy.


So, what’s the difference?

The difference is that my poor friend assumed that a good product, and a great service was a sure recipe for success. While my rich friend realized that there are quality services, and products, everywhere. And he spent most of his time in looking for ways to promote his business and attract loyal customers.

He hired a PR agency and they managed to get some famous actors, and rock stars in his place. Many magazines have published articles about his business, and they recommend it as the hottest restaurant in the area.

People don’t go to his place because of the food, or service, although it is excellent. They go because they believe it is the place where rich and famous people gather, and they want to be a part of it.


The lesson…

It doesn’t matter if you own an online, or offline, business. The single most important thing you need to learn, to prosper beyond your wildest dreams, is how to attract potential buyers.

There is no other way to make more money than increasing the number of potential buyers to your business. Don’t waste your time building more products, or new services, instead learn how to attract more clients. You don’t need tons of hot products to succeed in business; you need sales.

Sounds pretty obvious, you might think, but many people forget this simple truth.

Of course, you need a quality product, and great service, to make money. But don’t forget that it doesn’t matter how good your product is, without customers you have nothing. So, spend most of your time, and energy, in traffic generation and your success will be assured.

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