Succeed With Women – Why Women Cheat

Some years back, I was almost killed in a horrible accident. This near-death experience taught me to fix things before it’s too late. Yes, some girls cheat, that’s the sad truth. But, this doesn’t mean you should be a helpless victim.

In this article I am going to reveal some of the main reasons why women cheat, and how you can fix this problem before it’s too late.


Some girls are looking for an excuse…

Some girls cheat on their boyfriends because they are looking for an excuse to end the relationship. In most cases it is because they don’t feel sexually attracted to their men anymore.

My sister has a phrase that says: “comfort is disgusting.” And she is right. Some couples start feeling so comfortable with each other that they let the mystery, and glamour, die in their relationships.

For example, some guys fart, and burp, in front of their girls; and they don’t feel any shame. Or, sometimes they go to the restroom and leave the door open. Most guys stop caring about their appearance when they feel their girls are tied to them.

Remember, your girl should see your best side most of the time. This will keep her sexually attracted to you, and as a consequence she will always remain loyal to you.


She feels rejected, ignored, or underappreciated…

Many guys work 14 hours a day to earn a lot of money, because they believe that the more stuff they have, the more successful they will be. Unfortunately this type of thinking has a huge impact on relationships.

If you don’t have free time for your girl, she will cheat on you. And don’t try to compensate the lack of attention with money. Because you will make her feel attraction for the things you buy to her, not to you. And she will cheat on you anyway.

The best way to fix this problem is to seek financial freedom. And you achieve this mainly by learning to spend your money wisely. What is more important to you, having the biggest luxury car, which by the way you only use to go from home to the office and back, or to spend more time with your girl?

Find a way to have some free time, and use that time to give your girl some fun and adventure.


Bedroom boredom

One of the main reasons women cheat is because they feel bored in the bedroom.

Keep your girl sexually satisfied and she will never cheat on you. Sex is something you can become very skillful at, if you make an effort and study. You can buy books, courses, or seek professional counseling. The point you need to remember, is that no one is born as a natural sex god, it is something you learn.

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