Succeed With Women – This Little Secret Will Turn You Into a Chick-Magnet Almost Overnight

This little secret will turn you into a chick-magnet almost overnight: You don’t need to know how to attract gorgeous women to feel good about yourself, you need to feel good about yourself to attract gorgeous women, as simple as that!

If you don’t think this is a secret then, let me ask you, how many guys do you know who work on improving their self-assurance, instead of trying to learn some magic mind trick, or unbeatable pickup line to attract gorgeous women? Almost none I would guess.


How I discovered this secret…

I learned this secret in the hard way. On May 11th 2007 I was almost killed in a severe accident. This near encounter with death seeded in me the desire to become the best man I could be, and to learn how to enjoy life as much as possible.

To my surprise women reacted positively to this shift in my attitude. They were throwing themselves to me everywhere I went, without me even trying. This made me realize that females are not attracted to money, or looks. After all, I was the same guy. The only thing that changed was my attitude.

Females are attracted to alpha males. I am sure you have seen them, they are those guys who live life in their own terms, and who exude power, and passion regardless of their looks or how much money they have.


I know it’s simple, but it works!

Most guys don’t understand that most of what they say to women doesn’t come out of their mouths. That’s why most times pickup lines don’t work. If you say one thing with your mouth, and another thing with your attitude, and body language, you won’t get the desired results.

For example, you can say to a girl: “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material” But, if your body language is not congruent with your words she will hear you say: “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Loser material.”

The difference relies on how you feel about yourself. Your feelings and beliefs affect how people perceive you.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin you won’t be able to attract any girl, no matter how desperate she is. Even if her desperation forces her to show interest in you, she will leave you as soon as she finds a better prospect.

I want you to engrave one idea in your mind; no girl is out of your league. I have witnessed a lot of ugly, and broke, guys dating top models just because they felt comfortable in their own skin.

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