Succeed With Women – The Number One Problem in Finding the Woman You Want

One of the most common questions guys ask me is: “why can’t I find the type of woman I want”. The problem is that when I ask them to describe me that type of woman in detail almost no one gives me a straight answer.


Most guys don’t know what they want, and then they wonder why they can’t find that perfect woman.


Yes, almost all the guys that come to me for help agree that they want a gorgeous girl. But, when I ask them about what type of personality she should have, what should she be passionate about, or if they want a serious or a casual relationship, almost no one knows what to answer.

You can have any girl you desire, but first you need to know what do you want.


If you are not sure about the type of girl you want…

Most guys don’t know what they want, but they know what they don’t want. If you can’t describe your perfect girl in detail you should use the power of contrast to find the main traits that you are looking for.

For example, if cheating is a topic that you are particularly worried about, you know that loyalty is an important trait for you. If you love to eat, you may want to find a girl who knows how to cook.

The important thing you need to remember is that you should avoid abstract definitions, and be as detailed as possible. It’s easier to attract women when you are clear about what you want, so don’t underestimate the importance of this simple exercise.

Let me give you an example of the value of knowing what you want in detail. Picture this: a man goes to his boss and asks him for a rise. His boss gives him a one-cent raise and sends him back to work. This man was not specific. Next time he should have a figure in mind.

If the only thing you are looking for in a girl is physical beauty then write it down, it’s OK. You can have whatever you want, but then don’t complain when you get exactly what you asked for.

In my experience relationships that are based in more than purely physical attraction are more rewarding, and tend to last longer, even when they are casual relationships.

Be careful for what you wish for because you will get exactly what you desire.

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