Succeed With Women – How to Know If a Girl Wants to Sleep With You

Most guys can’t tell when a girl wants to sleep with them, because they don’t know how to read her. In this article I want to reveal the signs that will help you know for sure when she is ready to have sex with you.


#1. – Pay attention to the things she shares with you

When a girl wants to have sex she will share things with you that she would normally not share with other people. For example, she will take gum out of her mouth and give it to you, or she may take your lollipop and put it in her mouth.

You need to pay attention to these subtle clues, because she is talking to you and she expects you to take action. Maybe she is not openly inviting you to her bed but she definitely wants some mouth-to-mouth action and see how things evolve from there.


#2. – She stays with you

If she goes to a party, or to a club, with her friends and she spend most of the time with you it means that she likes you. If she stays in the place after all her girlfriends have gone home it means she wants to go with you.

If you can’t read a message as clear as this one I can’t help you.


#3. – She invites you in

When you take a girl home and she invites you in, for a drink, it may be a sign that she wants to have sex with you. Pay attention to the time, the later the hour the clearer the message.


#4. – She touches you

A girl who wants to have sex with you will touch you often. Try to read her touch. Is it sensual? As a general rule, if she wants to go to bed with you she will touch your face very often, frequently with both hands. And she will also hold your hand.

You need to feel relaxed at all times. If you feel anxious you will transmit this feeling to her through the physical contact and it may kill the mood.


#5. – She stares at your mouth

When a girl is feeling aroused she will pay a lot of attention to your mouth, and to your neck. And when she speaks to you her face will be very close to your face. Try to find out what is the part of your face she is focused on, and if she leans forward when she talks to you.

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