Succeed With Women – How to Get Women to Want You

Let’s face it; for most guys it is difficult to attract women. When somehow they manage to get the attention of a girl they say: “I’ve got lucky.” Which pretty much describes how most guys see the whole relationships game.

For most guys attracting women is a matter of luck. They assume they are powerless, that attraction is run by chance, and as a result they don’t even try to learn the rules of the game.

In this article I am going to show you some simple principles that will help you make women want you. I hope that when you finish reading this article you will claim your power back, and stop relying on luck.


#1. – Become an alpha male

Alpha males know what they want and they take action to achieve their goals. They don’t rely on luck, because they build their own luck. Women are helplessly attracted to those guys who take charge of their lives.

To make women want you, you need to exhibit the qualities of a leader. You have to exude power and confidence. It doesn’t matter what challenges life brings, you should always be in control, or at least look like you are in control.

Women are hardwired to look for strong genes; it’s a matter of evolution. They assume that mating with a male with strong genes will give their offspring the best chances of survival.

As a general rule the leader of the pack, the alpha male, is the man with the strongest genes. So, in short, to make women want you make them believe that you have strong genes by behaving like an alpha male.


#2. – Be a mysterious man

Women love challenges. If you can intrigue a woman she will become obsessed with you. The harder it is for a girl to read a man the more she will want him.

So, learn to send mixed signals. Never show females all your cards. Learn to talk with ambiguity, and don’t share your feelings with them. Make it impossible for them to figure you out, but give them small clues to keep them interested.


#3. – Keep a playful mood at all times

Keeping a playful mood at all times will make women perceive you as a confident, and powerful, male. A positive attitude will make your body language send all the right signals and will have a huge impact on the perception women have about you. Therefore, don’t take this lightly.

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