Succeed With Women – How to Escape the Friend Zone

Some years back, after a near-death experience, I made the resolution to improve myself and stop wasting my life. And, like most guys, one of the areas that I needed to improve the most was my dating life.

I was around hot girls all the time, but they just saw me as a good friend. They used to say I was a nice guy and, although I am sure they meant that in a nice way, I felt insulted. I didn’t want to be the nice guy, I wanted to be the bad guy all girls fall in love with.

I know that awful feeling that comes from living in the friend-zone. I’ve been there, and I share your pain. In this article I want to reveal some of the things I’ve learned. I am sure these secrets will help you make hot females see you as a potential sexual partner.


Don’t let her get used to your presence…

Yes, you need to make women feel comfortable around you; after all you need them to trust you. But, unless you can make them feel stressed at the same time you will end in the friend-zone.

To put it in simple terms, a girl needs to feel she can trust you, but that she can’t trust herself when she is around you. If you behave as another one of her friends, and build comfort without sexual tension, you will become that nice guy who lives in the friend-zone.

Don’t let her get used to your presence, avoid the routine. Become a mysterious guy, and always build sexual tension. Women will become obsessed with you.


Make her change her perception about you…

If you want to attract a girl you already know, and who just sees you as a friend. The first thing you need to do is to make her change her perception about you. You should become a new man, a better man. You should improve so much that she shouldn’t be able to recognize you anymore.

The best place to start when you want to change your life, and become a new man, is by learning the rules of fashion. Changing your clothes will have a positive effect in your life for two main reasons.

First, you will feel better about yourself almost instantly. As a result, your behavior will change and your powers of influence will increase.

Second, the perception the world has about you will improve. A lot of females will be attracted to you. And, when a lot of hot females feel attracted to you, your friend will also feel attracted to you.


Tease all the time, and then tease some more…

Don’t let women share their problems with you, or you will become their best friend. When they start talking about negative topics, don’t show them support just change the subject.

If she keeps trying to share her problems with you just tease her. For example, if she says: “all men are jerks”. Trying to start a conversation about her boyfriend. You can answer, “Well, we try our best” or “have you considered turning into a lesbian?” Just make her laugh and avoid becoming her tear pillow and you will be safe.

Tease her all the time and she will see you as a confident, alpha male, with a strong presence. And she will feel attracted to you.

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