Succeed With Women – Getting Physical With a Woman

I decided to become a natural with women after an accident almost killed me. And I want to assure you one thing, anyone can learn to attract women naturally, you just need a firm resolution and confidence in yourself.

One of the most important things you need to learn to become a natural with women is how to get physical with them. Touching women in the right way will make them crazy for you, while getting physical in the wrong way will make them feel, at least, uncomfortable around you.

So, in this article I want to reveal the best ways to start the physical contact with women and make them feel irresistibly attracted to you.


First, touch them with your eyes…

What do you think would happen if you just start touching a girl as soon as you meet with her? Of course, she will feel offended. And she will build a defense wall that will be very hard to overturn in the future.

Before you even try to get physical with a girl you need to learn how to create sexual comfort, and sexual tension, with your eyes. You look at her directly in the eyes and then, if she welcomes your gaze, you start looking at other parts of her body, like her lips and shoulders.

Using your eyes in the right way will make her feel attracted to you, and she will be the one who starts the physical interaction.


You need to find a reason to touch her…

You don’t always need to let women start the physical interaction. You can take the initiative, and touch a girl, as long as you find a reason to do it, and as long as it feels natural.

For example, if she says: “I am bored.” You can pat her back and say: “You, poor girl.” Or, if you feel that she is losing interest in the conversation you can say: “I have to go, I’ll see you around”. And give her a kiss in the cheek.

Try to notice how does she react to your attempts to touch her. If she sends you positive signals you can escalate. If she doesn’t respond positively retreat and wait for another opportunity.

The most important thing you need to understand when you are touching women is that you need to feel comfortable. If it doesn’t feel natural to you, it won’t feel natural to them either.

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