Read This Article If You Want to Learn How to Win Your Ex Back.

Two weeks ago a friend of mine came to see me because his girlfriend left him, and he was desperate to get her back. I gave him some advice and the results were amazing. Today they are back together. In this article I want to share the advice I gave to my friend, hoping you will get the same results.

#1. – If she left you it’s your fault.

When my friend came to see me I said: “I don’t know why she left you, but I am sure it was your fault.” Of course, he got very mad. But then I said: “OK, you have two options here. One, you recognize it was your fault, which means you have total control over your circumstances, and you can fix things. Or two, you blame the world, which means no matter what you do, or how hard you try, nothing will change.”

Once my friend realized that he has total power, and control, over his circumstances every area of his life improved, and the love of his life came back.

#2. – You need to become the happiest man on earth

To attract any girl, including your ex, you need to learn to enjoy life, and become the best male you can be. Live life in your own terms and you will send the right type of vibe.

There are some guys who are people magnets. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They are the guys who light the room when they arrive, and their presence is felt on every corner of the place. What’s their secret? They keep a happy, and playful mood all the time.

Keeping a playful mood will make your body language send all the right signals and it will transform you into the leader of the pack, the male every woman want’s to be with. Once your ex realizes that every woman wants to be with you she will want you back.

Just be careful, a playful mood is different from a goofy mood. One is sexy, and helps you display power and confidence. The other is dumb, and makes you look like a needy guy who’s begging for some attention.

#3. – Improve your style, work out, and live out of your head

In my experience most guys can’t attract, or keep, women because of their negative self-talk. Your thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings affect your actions, your body language, and your life.

One way to kill your inner enemy is by working out. This will help you improve your confidence, and your self-esteem. This will also teach you how to be more present and to live out of your head.

Finally, learn some basic rules of style. You will be amazed when you realize the power that clothes have over people’s moods. Changing your shirt will change your emotions, and your life. Although it may sound simple, this is not theory, it’s a proven fact.

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