How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You Fast

Most guys believe that love just happens, they say: “You cannot make someone fall in love with you.” But, science says you can. Modern psychology has decoded the language of love, and as long as you learn how to use this language effectively you will be able to influence females, and make them crazy for you.

In this article I am going to show you some basic principles that will help you make any girl fall for you.

#1. – The Chemistry Of Love

Love is like a disease, your body will show symptoms, and unlike flu, people usually don’t heal in seven days. People’s bodies suffer a lot of chemical and physical reactions when they fall in love. They lose their ability to think rationally, and they also lose control over their emotions.

The secret I want to share, in this article, is that you can learn to use psychology to induce these reactions in women’s bodies and make them believe they are in love with you.

#2. – You Can’t Talk Your Way To Their Heart

Many guys learn pickup lines, and routines, hoping to get women interested. Some others try to highlight their positive features, as if they were trying to sell a microwave.

You can’t convince a girl to fall in love with you. To influence females effectively you need to appeal to their emotions not to their brains. You need to learn how to push the right buttons, and make their bodies produce the chemical reactions that will make them lose their ability to maintain a rational thought.

#3. – Pushing the right buttons

The more things you can communicate without the use of words, the more influence you will have over women. You should learn how to use your animal energy to display the traits that will make them assume you have strong genes. How? Show them you have a strong sexual presence.

Next time you are interacting with a girl let her do the talking, listen attentively, and look her directly in the eye. Then try to visualize her naked in your mind. This will get you aroused, and your body will send the right type of signals. The more aroused you get, the stronger the signals you will send.

The signals that you send will make her feel sexual tension, and her body will start producing the chemical reactions that will make her feel attracted to you. Of course, this is not love it is only sexual attraction.

So, how do we turn sexual attraction into love? Repetition, if you make her feel sexual tension every time she is around you she will not only assume she is attracted to you, she will believe she is in love. You are making her addicted to you.

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