How to Increase Your Social Status Even If You Are an Old, Broke, and Ugly Guy

In this article I am going to show you how to increase your social status and become a ladies man, even if you are old, broke, or ugly. It doesn’t matter if luck is not on your side, alpha males build their own luck, and if you give me two minutes I am going to demonstrate how you can gain control of your destiny.


Why is social status important to women?

When it comes to mating, human beings are hardwired to look for strong genes. We are attracted to the prospect that will give our offspring the best chances of survival.

Men’s attraction triggers are mainly based on physical appearance. We assume that an attractive woman is a healthy female, and our offspring will have the best chances of survival with her.

On the other hand, females look for a male that can be a good provider, and a great protector. As a general rule, these are the highest status males of the pack.


Perception is reality

In the communications arena perception is reality. If you display the traits of a high status man you will become one. For example, females are attracted to rich guys, but not because of the money. Is the traits and skills that help them build their fortune what the ladies find attractive.

The only thing you need to display the same type of traits is to feel like a rich man; your body language will automatically send the right type of messages and make women assume you are a wealthy man, even if you are broke.

You can also learn to use the power of style to your advantage. Wearing the right type of clothes will, not only, make you feel like a million dollars, but will also make people perceive you as a high status male.

The same advice applies if you are old. You don’t need to be young; you need to feel young. Live with passion. Females assume that an old man with a young heart has the best of both worlds. Experience, which is a sign of status, and energy, which is a sign of strong genes.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you are ugly. Show females that you have strong genes and they will melt for you. How? Claim a high status. Move and behave like a confident male. If you feel like the king of the world others will believe you are. And who has higher status than the king?

To resume, you don’t need to have high status to be a ladies man; you only need women to believe you have it. And you achieve that by displaying the right type of traits.

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