How to Get the Girl You Love – Why Doesn’t She Like You?

Being rejected by women is a painful experience, especially when the girl who is rejecting you is the one you love.

In this article I am going to reveal some of the most common reasons why women are not attracted to some guys. Learn this common mistakes and you will increase your odds of attracting the girl of your dreams.


#1. – You are not confident

When everything is said and done, the number one trait women find attractive in a man is confidence. If you behave like a confident man, women will assume that you have strong genes. They will also believe that you can provide them the safety they so desperately crave for.

It doesn’t matter if you are an old, broke, or ugly man, display confidence and women will be crazy for you.


#2. – You don’t know how to connect with her on a deep (sexual) level

Girls only fall for those guys they are sexually attracted to. If the girl you love likes you, but she doesn’t feel aroused when she is around you, it means you are trapped in the friend-zone.

Don’t worry; there is a way out. One fast an easy way to create sexual tension with a girl is by looking her straight into her eyes.

Gaze her eyes in a sensual way and her body will start producing some chemical responses that will make her assume she is attracted to you. I know it sounds simple, but it works every time.


#3. – You don’t take care of your appearance

You don’t need to be a naturally good-looking man to attract the girl you love. What you need to do is to make her perceive you as an attractive male. And you achieve this by learning the rules of fashion, and by showing your best version at all times.

The way in which you behave is also part of your appearance. You should learn to behave like a king, if you want the world to perceive you like one. Learn anything you can about protocol, and etiquette.

You should also be aware that women talk. This means that if you fart, or burp, in front of any woman the girl you love will find out and your desirability will decrease. If on the other hand, you behave like a gentleman all the time, other women will be attracted to you, and when your love prospect hears about it she will want you too.


#4. – You are boring

Nothing kills attraction faster than routine. You need to fight boredom at all cost. And by fighting boredom I don’t mean watching TV, or playing video games, all day. Go out and live your life! If you learn to live with passion, and adventure, any girl will fall in love with you.


One final thought…

To make a girl fall in love with you, you need to be able to affect her emotions. And you will only be able to influence other people’s emotions when you learn how to control yours. So, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings cause they make your life.

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