How to Get the Girl You Love – The Only Thing You Need to Make Her Fall Madly in Love With You

You can make any girl fall madly in love with you. The only thing you need is an unshakable confidence. Acquire this trait and no girl will be out of your league. In this article I will reveal what is so attractive about confidence, and how to gain the self-assurance that will help you attract any girl you desire. But first you need to understand…


What is confidence?

Confidence means you are sure of yourself. You know that, no matter what, you will succeed. When you fail you don’t let it bother you. Instead, you learn from your mistakes, and you rebuild yourself from the ashes. This attitude makes you and unbeatable man.


Why are women attracted to confidence so madly?

A confident man is a leader. He is a man of action, and he is always in control. Women love him because he has an attitude that says, “I make my life”, instead of one that says, “Life happens to me.”

It doesn’t matter what feminists say, women want to be treated like women, and they want you to behave like a man. Women are hardwired to look for a man who can be a great provider, and when needed a good protector. If you display confidence, they will assume you are that guy.

It’s a matter of evolution. So, even those girls who say they can protect and provide for themselves, are attracted to confident guys because their subconscious mind makes them feel safe around them.


How do you gain confidence?

Now we know that all you need to make any girl fall madly in love with you is confidence. But, how do you gain it? Simple, learn to fail and don’t care.

Let me give you an example; let’s say you are learning to drive a bike. On your first ride you won’t feel very confident on it. But with time, after a lot of failing, you will become better. And when your skills improve, your confidence will increase with them.

It is very important to learn not to care about failing. If you take it personally you will develop some traumas that will be very hard to heal. Let’s go back to our bike example. If you fall from the bike and feel humiliated and dumb, you won’t go back to the bike and you will never learn.

If, on the other hand, you see failure as a natural part of your learning process. And you don’t let occasional setbacks affect your self-esteem, you will go back an eventually become a master with the bicycle, and you will exude confidence on it.

So, all you need to acquire an unshakable confidence, and the girl you love with it, is to dare to fail and don’t care.

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