How to Get the Girl You Love – How to Make a Deep Connection

In this article I am going to show you how to get the girl you love, and how to build a deep connection with her. But first you need to understand…


What is a deep connection?

What am I talking about when I say a deep connection? In short, it means you are not trapped in the friend-zone. It means you can create some feelings in a girl and make her feel sexually attracted to you. She feels comfortable and tense at the same time when she is around you, or when she thinks about you.

Having a deep connection with a girl means that she actually knows you, and that you know her. You can communicate with each other without words. You have the feeling that you can read her mind.

So, how do you connect with a girl almost instantly?

First, you need to pay attention. You should pay attention to your thoughts and feelings because they affect what you communicate to the girl through your body language. And you want to send the right type of messages to the girl to make her feel attracted to you.

You should also pay attention to her. Her body language will let you know how is she feeling, and what does she need. If you learn to read a woman, and satisfy her needs, she will become addicted to you.

Another way to make a deep connection with women is by helping them get in touch with their feminine side. This is really quite simple. If you learn to perform your male role you will force them to perform their female role and they will feel attracted to you. In other words, behave like a man so she can behave like a woman.

This means you should be in control all the time. You can’t let her see your vulnerable side; so don’t share your feelings with her. Instead invite her, through your attitude, to share her feelings.

Finally, move slowly. You can’t make deep connections with women if you behave in an anxious way. The more calm and relaxed you appear the more connection you will create with women. Just be careful, you should not appear like a boring man who lacks energy. You should display coolness, not boredom.

Learn to build connection with women and they will feel irresistibly attracted to you. No matter your age, looks, or income. Remember, no girl is out of your league.

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