How to Get Girls to Notice You Every Single Time (No, You Don’t Need to Dress Like a Clown)

We all know that to attract women we need to be noticed. It’s obvious; how could we possibly attract someone who doesn’t even know we exist? But, please be careful. We don’t want to be noticed for the wrong reasons.

Our goal is to make females think of us as potential love, and sexual, partners. And that will not happen if we dress like clowns. In this article I am going to share one secret that will boost your attractiveness, and transform your perception of reality, but first you need to understand…

Clowns don’t get laid

Many dating gurus advice guys to dress like clowns, they say it will make females notice them. They call this “technique” Peacocking. And although it’s true that dressing in an extravagant way will help you gain attention, this is not the type of awareness you want to create.

It’s like a train crash. Everybody will turn to see the accident. That doesn’t mean they love it, or want to be a part of it. Remember, just because a girl notices you it doesn’t mean she is attracted to you.

The only secret you need

It really doesn’t matter what clothes you wear as long as they make you feel confident, and sensual. Please don’t get me wrong; I believe there is a lot of power in learning to dress in the right way. But the power is in your feelings, not in the clothes.

Your body language, and the vibe that you send are directly related to your feelings. If you learn to feel like a sexy man, you will send the right signals to females and they will be crazy for you.

So, how do you send the right signals?

Buy clothes that make you feel as a sensual man, and learn to smile through your eyes. There is a lot of power in a smile, but only if it is authentic. Science has demonstrated that the muscles needed to smile with your eyes are involuntary. In other words, you use them only when you smile sincerely.

All your body is engaged in a sincere smile, that’s why it’s so powerful. Your whole body is displaying the traits that will make women crazy for you.

That’s why you need to watch your feelings, and be comfortable with the clothes that you are wearing. Feeling stressed, or self-conscious will destroy the power of your smile.

I know this sounds so simple, but it’s powerful stuff. Try it and prove me wrong!

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