How to Get a Girl’s Attention – 3 Things Girls Find Irresistible in Guys

In this article I am going to reveal 3 things that girls find irresistible in guys. Learn them and you will be able to get any girl’s attention.


#1. – You need to be good with children

Women assume that confident men have strong genes. That’s why they feel so attracted to them. It’s a principle of evolution. They subconsciously assume that mating with this type of man will give their offspring the best chances of survival.

If you are not a confident man don’t worry, there is another way to make women assume their offspring will be safe with you. You need to be good with children. Yes, as simple as that! Women are attracted to guys who are good with children.

Again, this is a principle of evolution. It is something that is programmed in their subconscious mind. So, even women who claim they don’t want to have children are attracted to guys who can relate with them.


#2. – Women are addicted to surprises

Women are addicted to surprises. So, you can keep a girl attracted to you by surprising her on a regular basis. The important thing you need to understand is that she shouldn’t expect it. If she expects a surprise from you everyday it’s no longer a surprise, it’s a boring routine. Be careful and don’t take the thrill out of it.

Another important thing you should know is that you don’t need to buy expensive things, or plan extraordinary activities. Remember, the only thing that matters is that it should be unexpected. Learn to play with her emotions. A candy can be more effective than a diamond necklace, if you give it to her in the right way and in the right moment.


#3. – Develop a good sense of humor

Guys who have a great sense of humor are chick-magnets, even the ugly ones. Learn to make a woman laugh and she will become addicted to you. But, you need to be careful. If you become a goofy guy you will annoy her.

There is a big difference between a sexy sense of humor, and behaving like an immature child. One makes women sexually attracted to you, the other gets you trapped in the friend-zone, at least.

Study the points above stated, and put them into action. You will be amazed with the results. And you will realize that getting girls’ attention is not as hard as most guys believe it is.

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