How to Be Wealthy – Learn to Think Like a Wealthy Man by the End of the Week or Blame It on Me

If you want to become a rich man you need to stop chasing money, and start creating value. People will give you money every time you offer them something valuable. If you don’t believe this is a secret, let me ask you one question.

How many guys do you know who say I want to create value, instead of I want to make money, when they talk about getting rich? Almost none, I would guess.


This is how wealthy people think…

When you think in terms of value, instead of in terms of money, you will have a better picture of the economics world, and your action margin will increase significantly.

Let me give you an example; I wrote this article, and I am offering something valuable to you: information. And it cost me time, and energy, not money. What do I gain, exposure and credibility. How much money do you think I would need to spend to get some publicity?

What’s your gain? Practical information, that will help you become a rich man.

Here is another example, let’s say you have an old smart phone, which you don’t use anymore, and you want a TV. You can exchange the gadget, that is worthless to you, and give it to someone who needs it. He could in exchange give you a TV he don’t uses anymore. See, no money was exchanged, only value.

Of course, these are very simple examples but I just wanted to paint a picture in your head. I want you to understand that you don’t need money to be a rich man you need acquisition power. And if you think in terms of value you will always find a way to acquire the things that you need.

Thinking in terms of value will have another benefit in your life. You will learn to spend your money wisely. How many things do you buy, on a regular basis, which are not really valuable to you? Do you understand the difference between want and need?


This is your homework for this week…

OK before we go, I have some homework for you. Try to create value, anyway you can think of, for at least 10 people this week. Take this exercise seriously. If you don’t feel wealthier by the end of the week you can blame it on me.

Yes, you can become a rich man but you must be willing to take some action. I decided to recover the control over my life after a near-death experience gave me a wakeup call. What do you need to make the decision to change your life?

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