How to Be Wealthy – How Does One Get Started When They Are Truly Flat Broke?

If you are really flat broke, and you’ve hit hard bottom, I have good news for you. The only way you can go from here is up. Actually, you have a better chance of becoming a wealthy man than most of those guys who live in a comfort zone.

I know how does it feel to be hopeless. On May 11th 2007 I suffered a severe accident that almost killed me. I was near a big industrial alcohol container while it exploded. My body was covered with third degree burns. It was so badly injured that I couldn’t work for a year, and the medical bills were accumulating.

I want to assure you; no matter how bad things are right now, this too shall pass. Losing everything has a lot of benefits. In this article I want to show you why hitting hard bottom can bring you huge success. And I will make my best effort to bring some hope to your life.


You don’t have access to credit

You are poor, so you don’t have access to credit. Well, this is great news. It means you won’t buy things that you can’t afford. This will help you build a solid ground for huge wealth. It also means you will need to become a resourceful man because you don’t have easy access to things.

You need to earn everything you get, can you picture how much power will this bring to your life. You will be working for yourself, not for banks or credit card companies.


You know how to live with almost nothing

You have nothing, so you have nothing to lose, and you know how to live with just enough. This means that no matter how does the economy behaves, how bad things get, you will be able to work with a clear mind. You will find opportunities where others can’t.


Poverty will help you build a strong spirit

Nothing builds a strong spirit better than pain. If you find a way to rebuild yourself from the ashes you will develop the attitude of the most successful people in the world, and attitude that says: “I create my life”. As a general rule, guys who live in a comfort zone have an attitude that says:” life happens to me”.

I hope you can see the power you will get from this painful experience. Embrace it, and use it to become the man you deserve to be.

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