Financial Freedom – The One Kind of Purchase (Regardless of Price) You Should Always Avoid!

I was almost killed in an accident. This event changed my perspective about life and made me realize that people shouldn’t put a price on the most valuable asset the have: time.

Think about it, you can’t buy time. All the money in the world can’t buy you a minute of life. So, you shouldn’t sell it for peanuts!


Dont’ let others own your life…

Credit was created to help people build businesses, to help them produce goods and services that are valuable for society. The problem is that this useful tool evolved into a perverse mechanism that keeps people trapped in the rat race, in other words in slavery.

Banks earn more money from the credit they give for consumption than from the one they offer to society to produce goods and services. They offer credit cards to people and make them, not only, buy things they can’t afford, but also spend more money on them because the costs associated with the credit makes them more expensive.

You should never buy something you can’t afford, regardless of the price, and especially if the product you buy decreases in value as time goes by, which is the case of most goods.

You should only use credit if you are going to use it to produce more money. If not, stay away from it. I am sure you wouldn’t buy a product from me if it was priced 50% to 300% higher than it is on the store, would you?

Well, that’s exactly what most people do when the buy things they can’t afford with their credit cards.

If you really want to buy something save the money so you can pay it in cash. At least you’ll be 100% sure that you can afford it. And not having your creditors knocking at your door will help you enjoy your purchase even more.


Maybe you can afford it after all…

Imagine if on the next financial crisis, and trust me there will always be a next financial crisis, you are debt free. Now take this thought a little further, and imagine if you were one of the few guys in the world who had money in the bank. How would you feel?

People who have money on the bank during financial crisis buy stuff at bargain prices from people who are filled with debts. Who knows, maybe you could afford that Ferrari after all. You just need discipline and patience.

Anyone can gain financial freedom; you just need to learn how to spend your money wisely. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to turn yourself into a modern-day Scrooge. It just means you don’t waste your resources in thoughtless and irresponsible ways.

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