Don’t Let Your Girl Take You for Granted or You Will Lose Her!

It’s almost inevitable, when couples have been dating for a long time they start feeling comfortable with each other, and the attraction fades away and dies.

I want you to engrave one idea in your mind; you should never take things for granted in your life. And, if you love your girl, you shouldn’t let her take you for granted.

OK, so you’re probably wondering, “Who is this guy, and what makes him think he can give me advice about relationships?” My name is Luigi Carucci and on May 11th 2007 I was near a big alcohol container while it exploded. Half of my body was severely injured, and I thought I was going to die.

This near encounter with death taught me to appreciate the important things of life, and never take anything for granted. Since then my life has never been the same.

In this article I want to share my experience, and show you how to keep the passion in your life, and as a consequence in your relationships.


#1. – Be spontaneous

Most guys let their lives become a boring routine. They live their life on autopilot mode, so it gets very predictable. This lifestyle kills a little part of their spirit every day, and of course it affects every area of their life.

Add a little bit of spontaneity to your life and it will never be the same. You will find moneymaking opportunities everywhere you go, and you will enjoy fun and exciting relationships with every single person you interact with, especially with your girl.

Remember, nothing kills attraction faster than routine. Don’t take your girl for granted, or she will do the same to you. When a relationship becomes predictable it is doomed, so make an effort and add some impulsive choices in your life.

You don’t need to climb the Everest, or fight with tigers, just take some unplanned actions that take you out of your routine, and include your girl in your plans.

I promise, if your girl don’t know what your next action will be, she will never take you for granted, and she will always be attracted to you. This attitude will also add an air of mystery to your personality making your girl obsessed with you, because she won’t be able to read you with ease.


#2. – Look attractive

My near-death experience made me realize I don’t know when I am going to die. Maybe a minute from now, or it could be 20 years from now. The point is, that for me every second of my life is important and I always make an effort to show my best version.

This attitude has several positive consequences. First, I always show my best look to the people I interact with. This increases my powers of influence, and my social value.

Second, this attitude also reminds me that every minute of my life is important, so I never take anything for granted. This is a quality that women are attracted to.

And finally, showing my best version to the world will make other women attracted to me, so my girl will be more attracted to me also, and she won’t take me for granted; simple yet powerful stuff. Try it and prove me wrong!

If you don’t take your life for granted, and learn to enjoy every second of your existence, your girl will learn to appreciate you more. That’s a fact!

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