Casanova Definition – How a Minor Shift in Your Attitude Will Transform You Into a Casanova

There was a time in my life when everything was just wrong. I wasn’t dating the type of women I desired, just because I didn’t believe I was good enough for them. I was trapped in a boring job, since I thought it was my only vehicle for surviving. And my health wasn’t the best either; I was stressed, depressed, and over-weighted.

I know this is a sad and depressing picture but, the truth is, this is the life most guys are living. In this article I want to share my story, and show you how you can be, do, and have whatever you want.

Once you acquire the right attitude you will start attracting women, like bees to honey. You will realize no girl is out of your league, because this minor shift in your attitude will turn you into a modern-day Casanova.


The day everything changed for me…

On May 11th 2007 I was near a big alcohol container while it exploded. Half of my body was severely injured, and I thought I was going to die. The moment I saw my whole life passing through my eyes one question popped into my mind: Was I happy?

Sadly the answer was: NO.

I had enough time to think about my life during the year I spent in the hospital. And I made a firm resolution: “I will learn to enjoy life, and I will live it in my own terms”.

I was amazed to see how people, especially women, reacted to my new attitude. Women were throwing themselves to me everywhere I went. And guys saw me as their leader; they were craving for my advice.

Since then, my life’s goal has, not only, been to enjoy life as much as possible, but also to transform, as many guys as I can, into the men they deserve to be. And I mainly achieve this goal through the best piece of advice I have


The big secret…

Embrace death. The only thing you can be 100% sure is that you are going to die. You don’t know when, or how. But you know the day will come. So, learn to embrace this reality. Stop wasting your time. Stop agonizing about superficial stuff. If something will not be important 10 years from now, it’s not worth wasting your energy on it today.

If you learn to enjoy life, and become authentically a happy man, you will exude power and confidence. You won’t have to learn pick up lines, or cheap mind tricks, because women will be throwing themselves to you without you even trying.

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