Become a Chick-Magnet – Here Is the Truth Most Guys Don’t Know

The big truths in life are simple, but powerful. In this article I want to reveal the truth most guys don’t know about the mating game. Apply this principles and no girl will be out of your league.


#1. – Raise your standards

To become a chick-magnet you need to display the number one trait of the alpha male: confidence. You need to raise your standards. You are a king, behave like one. You deserve only the best. This attitude alone will make females crazy for you.

Guys who have low self-esteem always settle for second best. They take what they believe they can have, not what they know they deserve. They are miserable, and their body language displays all the wrong signals. In other words, they behave like losers, and as a consequence the world perceives them as losers. Of course, hot girls will never be attracted to losers.


#2. – Make them qualify themselves to you

Raising your standards will change your attitude. You will stop acting like a needy guy, and women will work for your attention, not the other way around. People give more value to the things when they need to work for them. If you make people work for your respect, your social value will automatically raise and, as a result, your attractiveness.

You should not rest your self-worth on external things, like money, or looks. This will decrease your power. It doesn’t matter if you are a poor, old, and ugly man. As long as you are the only source of your power, and you believe in yourself, you can have anything you want in life.

Learn to display confidence and power, no matter what, and you will become a chick-magnet.


#3. – Know how to make them desire you.

There is a crucial element in the mating game: sexual tension. Women will only be attracted to you if they see you as a potential sexual partner. Again, it’s not about looks, it’s about your attitude.

If you feel desperate, and horny, you will scare females away. If, on the other hand, you feel as a worthy, and sensual male, women will feel attracted to you. Your feelings affect the way in which you move, and behave, and as a result how women perceive you.

So, you don’t need to learn cheesy pickup lines, or mind tricks, to attract gorgeous females. You need to work on your self-esteem, and on your feelings. Remember, this knowledge is something you carry in your blood, not on your head. Unless you internalize it, and feel it on every pore of your body, you won’t get results.

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