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When you see a gorgeous girl your body reacts. You experience some chemical, and physical, reactions that increase your sexual energy. Of course, you can’t just let this energy accumulate. You need to release it. But, you don’t want to waste it either. So, you need to learn how to use it to improve your life.

You can be, do, and have anything you want; you just need to learn how to guide your energy through the right channels. In this article I am going to show you how your sexual energy can help you become the man you deserve to be.


#1. – Accumulating sexual energy is not healthy

Sexual energy is not like money; you can’t save it. If you let it accumulate it will reach a point where it will explode. And in the meanwhile your anxiety levels will increase, you will lose control of your emotions, and as a result your body language will send negative signals. Women will see you as a needy guy, and people will see you as insecure, this will make your powers of influence disappear.


#2. – Don’t waste it; use it!

OK, we need to release the energy; there is no question about it. But, how we release that energy makes all the difference in the world. Let’s say you take the easy road and you masturbate. All that energy will disappear as fast as it appeared. And not only your sexual desires will go, your creativity, your drive to work, and your powers of concentration will go with them.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against masturbation, but you shouldn’t use it as a first alternative. You can use it to release any residual amount of energy, but only after you have used the bigger part to help you achieve your dreams.

You can use the sexual energy to help you set, and visualize, goals. Every time you start accumulating sexual energy visualize your goal. This will help you implant the idea in your subconscious mind, and once your subconscious accepts and idea it becomes a reality.

Ideas are implanted in the subconscious by feeling and repetition, and sexual desire is one of the strongest feelings a man can feel. Using this technique constantly will help you achieve anything you want in life.

You can have any girl you desire, all the money you need, and all the freedom you deserve. You just need to learn how to implant ideas in your subconscious mind with the help of your sexual energy.

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The big truths in life are simple, but powerful. In this article I want to reveal the truth most guys don’t know about the mating game. Apply this principles and no girl will be out of your league.


#1. – Raise your standards

To become a chick-magnet you need to display the number one trait of the alpha male: confidence. You need to raise your standards. You are a king, behave like one. You deserve only the best. This attitude alone will make females crazy for you.

Guys who have low self-esteem always settle for second best. They take what they believe they can have, not what they know they deserve. They are miserable, and their body language displays all the wrong signals. In other words, they behave like losers, and as a consequence the world perceives them as losers. Of course, hot girls will never be attracted to losers.


#2. – Make them qualify themselves to you

Raising your standards will change your attitude. You will stop acting like a needy guy, and women will work for your attention, not the other way around. People give more value to the things when they need to work for them. If you make people work for your respect, your social value will automatically raise and, as a result, your attractiveness.

You should not rest your self-worth on external things, like money, or looks. This will decrease your power. It doesn’t matter if you are a poor, old, and ugly man. As long as you are the only source of your power, and you believe in yourself, you can have anything you want in life.

Learn to display confidence and power, no matter what, and you will become a chick-magnet.


#3. – Know how to make them desire you.

There is a crucial element in the mating game: sexual tension. Women will only be attracted to you if they see you as a potential sexual partner. Again, it’s not about looks, it’s about your attitude.

If you feel desperate, and horny, you will scare females away. If, on the other hand, you feel as a worthy, and sensual male, women will feel attracted to you. Your feelings affect the way in which you move, and behave, and as a result how women perceive you.

So, you don’t need to learn cheesy pickup lines, or mind tricks, to attract gorgeous females. You need to work on your self-esteem, and on your feelings. Remember, this knowledge is something you carry in your blood, not on your head. Unless you internalize it, and feel it on every pore of your body, you won’t get results.

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There are some timeless pieces of wisdom that will never change, and can help you become a chick-magnet. But, if you just look at them from the surface, you won’t get any results. You must go beyond a purely mental exercise. You need to feel them, and let them shape your personality.

Don’t think of these rules, live from them.

Here is a point that maybe only one guy in a million understands. Knowledge is something you carry on your blood, not on your head. Change your feelings and beliefs and you will become the guy women die for: an Alpha Male.

So, let these ideas shape your life…


#1. – Respect

Alpha males give and demand respect from others. They demand respect from their business, friend, and love partners. They even give, and demand, respect from their enemies.

You can’t read a book about self-esteem and become the confident man who is respected by everyone. Just like you can’t read a book about swimming techniques and become a master swimmer. It comes from experience. You need to dive in, and feel the water.

People will only feel respect for you, if you feel respect for yourself. But this feeling doesn’t come naturally. You need to earn it. How? You need to workout regularly. This is not my opinion; it’s a proven fact. Regular exercise has a positive impact on people’s self-esteem.

Second, use the power of clothes. It’s a proven fact that learning the rules of style will implant the right type of ideas to your subconscious mind. And once your subconscious accepts and idea as true it becomes a reality.

Finally, research has demonstrated that the most successful people in the world watch less than an hour of T.V. per day. Take action and fight for your dreams, don’t spend all your day in front of an electronic devise that reminds you of all the things that you don’t have.

Spending a lot of time in front of the T.V. will have a huge impact on your self-esteem, and on your levels of anxiety.

Human beings are social animals. The more you interact with other people the more confidence you will feel. Go out and take action!


#2. – You need a fearless attitude

Some guys have a need to control circumstances. But, this feeling comes out of fear, and a lack of self-esteem. Alpha males, on the other hand, understand that although they can’t control events they can control the way in which they react to them.

Ironically, the less need of control you have, the more control you have over circumstances.

To become a chick-magnet you don’t need cheesy lines, or cheap tricks, you just need to display the right type of attributes, and the main one is confidence. Develop a fearless attitude, give and demand respect, and females will see you as a confident male.

Tons of gorgeous girls will become addicted to you, I dare you to prove me wrong!

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It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard in the past. Women want you to behave like a man. I know, media sends us mixed signals. Females say they want to be treated like equals. But the truth is we are different. And, to enjoy the success with women you’ve dreamed about, you need to understand those differences, and learn to play the game.

I constantly receive attacks from feminists when I say that men and women are different. So, before I show you how to get into their minds, I want to clarify one thing.

When I say men shouldn’t treat females like equals, I am not implying that men are better than women, and I am not encouraging guys to be rude, abusive or violent with them. On the contrary, my advice to guys is always the same: “If you want quality women in your life you need to become a quality man.”

I don’t understand why some feminists get so mad when I am only increasing the supply of quality men in the world. Of course, these guys are not powerless, weak, and submissive, but most females are not attracted to those type of guys anyway.


#1. – Listen to their actions not to their words

To understand women you need to listen to their actions, not to their words. If you pay close attention you will notice that females always fall for the type of man they say they don’t want.

Most of them affirm they want a good boy who treats them right, and they always fall for the bad boy who breaks their heart. If you behave like a good boy the odds are against you, you will end in the friend-zone.


#2. – Perform the male role

Women want to perform the female role and, to achieve that, they need you to perform the male role. Females are hardwired to look for a male that can be a great provider, and when needed a good protector. Show them that you are confident, and in control, and they will assume that you are that guy.

Women will constantly test your ability to stay in control, if you fail the test the attraction will die forever.

When a guy performs the female role, by not displaying control, power and confidence he is forcing women to perform the male role. And this is the ultimate turn-off for them. Most women won’t openly admit this truth. Most of them say they can protect, and provide for themselves. But this need for a confident man is hardwired in their brain since prehistoric times.

In resume, the ultimate turn-off for women is a man who doesn’t behave like a man. You need to become the best man you can be, live with passion and in your own terms, and enjoy every moment of your life.

 If you want to know the biggest secret women are hiding about what turns them on, watch this presentation from my friend  Josh Pellicer