You Need To Stop Dressing Like That! Change Your Style And Become a Chick Magnet

Would you like to be one of those dudes who enter a bar, or a club, and get approached by the most gorgeous girl in the place; after every guy around has tried and failed?

There is an easy and fast way to achieve this…

I have helped many average guys reach the success with women others dream about. My first goal is to help them get fast tangible results to keep them motivated. Lets face it; the path of the alpha male is a life journey. And unless you are able to get rapid palpable results you will give up for sure.


That’s why I always start in the same place…


Women are conditioned to look for a man with value. They assume that if they date that type of man he would transfer some of his value to her.


Make her think you are a man of value…


By far, the immediate and effortless way to prove her you are a man of value is with your clothes. Modify the way you dress and have her think you are a successful and generous man.

Clothes convey status, power, wealth, confidence, and charisma. So, learn to dress like a king to be treated like one.

There have been a lot of studies made on this topic. These studies clearly demonstrate that men with style have many unfair advantages over the rest, even better looking guys.

I won’t give you an entire course on style, but I will tell you what things you need to improve to be perceived as an attractive fellow…


#1. – Grooming and hygiene


It doesn’t make a difference if you are going to an important meeting or if you will stay at home to watch TV. You must clean your teeth, take a bath, use cologne, wear clean free odor clothes, and shave. If you want to become a chick magnet you need to be neat at all times.

Hygiene will also impact your confidence and self-esteem so don’t take this lightly.


#2. – Use a shirt that brands you not your favorite band


Don’t wear shirts that advertise a brand name or your favorite band; you want to advertise yourself. Wear collared shirts they will make you sexier and give you a classy air.


#3. – Use a blazer


By wearing a blazer you will practically hypnotize the women you come in contact with.


#4. – Buy high-class shoes.


Shoes are the first thing women look at. You need to find some nice shoes that make you standout. Don’t be like the rest of the guy that only wear black shoes.


#5. – Wear accessories.


Accessories are men’s secret weapons when it comes to meeting women. Start using scarfs, hats, necklace, etc. You will be amazed with the results.

Of course style is full of rules; this are only some pointers to get you started.

Think on the points above stated. Let’s face it: girls like guys who wear cool clothes. Why? Because they are saying something about themselves before they even open their mouth. They display the value women find so attractive and irresistible.

The Be Stylish Package is the only course out there that teaches men how to dress for attraction. It takes you through all the basics: shirts, polo shirts, pants, shoes, accessories and, of course, suits. One of the coolest things about this book is that it talks a whole lot about accessories., which are men’s style’s secret weapon when it comes to meeting women. Try it, you will be amazed by the  immediate results!

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