Why Pick Up Lines Don’t Usually Work

Have you ever asked yourself: “Do pick-up lines work?” Have you ever attempted to use one of them? Do you know anyone who is able to use them consistently to start conversations with gorgeous girls?

Meeting beautiful women is easy business for those who have learned some essential abilities. If you understand some basic principles I guarantee you will see fast results…


“But… pick-up lines work, I have seen many guys use them successfully.”


Do pick-up lines work? Well, yes and no. Let me explain myself.

When all is said and done, the one thing you need to remember to improve your communication skills is: ” your message most be coherent.”

Communication is roughly 80% body language and non-verbal signals, and 20% verbal language. That means that even before you open your mouth a girl already knows if she wants to meet you or not.

This explains why some pick-up lines work when one guy uses them, and fails miserably when another one tries them. The big difference resides in all the non-verbal elements of the message that were sent to women.


Think about this…


Many professional humorists, like Chris Rock, earn millions of dollars to tell jokes they don’t even write themselves. Why the guys who wrote them in the first place can’t just say them, and earn the money instead?

The secret is the delivery. The way the joke is narrated, and all the non-verbal elements involved. Lets face it; Chris can make anything sound funny. Next time you watch one of his specials pay attention to all the non-verbal components that make the gags funny, for example: tone, timing, rhythm, etc.


This same principle applies to pick-up lines…


What you say is not as important as who you are, how you say it, and when you say it. Make an effort to improve that 80% of the message that speaks without words and your success rate will increase a lot.


How you say it…


Many people think that body language is something that can be easily faked, but the truth is it’s not. Whatever you are feeling tends to show in your behavior. You need to find a way to internalize the feeling of the message you are trying to send, and your body will show the same signals. For example, if you want to be perceived as a confident man, then internalize that feeling.


Who you are, and when you say it…


Context is very important when you want to make a pick-up line work. When Chris Rock tells a joke about black people it’s funny. If I tell the same joke it’s racist and offensive.

Some lines that work very well for some, may never work for you. And some lines that could be effective sometimes will fail on a different day. That’s why becoming a robot that repeats lines on automatic or a clone of a self-proclaimed guru is worthless.

Think on the points above stated. Learning a bunch of lines by heart won’t transform you into a chick magnet. Being attractive has nothing to do with women, and everything to do with you. It’s better if you can find a system that will help you improve all areas of the male game and transform you into the man you deserve to be.

If you become the best version of yourself, it won’t matter what you say or if you say anything at all. Gorgeous women will be chasing you believe me!

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