Why It Really Doesn’t Matter If Life Isn’t Fair (You Can Still Attract Any Girl You Desire)

Let’s face it life isn’t fair. Some guys were born with a silver spoon, and the rest were born on the wrong side of the street. Some guys were born with looks while the rest live afraid of the mirror. Don’t worry, it really doesn’t matter if life is not fair, you can still attract any girl you desire.


You don’t need to be good-looking

We tend to believe that looks are as important to women as they are to us but, the truth is, they are not. If you were not blessed by nature, don’t worry. To attract any girl you don’t need to be a good-looking guy, you need to be an attractive male. And becoming an attractive male is something you can grow into.

You just need to acquire the feelings of the attributes you want to display. For example, if you want to be perceived as a sexy man, you need to feel like one.

Learn the rules of style. This will help you highlight your assets and hide your flaws. You will not only make women perceive you as an attractive man, you will feel like one.

Working out regularly will also help you boost your confidence and internalize the feelings of the traits you need to display.


You don’t need to be a billionaire

Women are attracted to the qualities that help guys make money, not to the money. Learn to live life in your own terms. Live with passion and never take a No for an answer. You need to show them you are the leader of the pack.

Women are attracted to your potential, not to your achievements. Don’t worry if you fail. Those who fail the most succeed the most. You need to fight boredom. There are many attractive, and rich guys, who can’t attract women just because they don’t enjoy life. If you want to attract women of worth to your life, you need to live a life of worth.


You don’t need to be famous

Women are attracted to famous guys because others follow them. Others give value to them so women will also give value to them. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be famous. You just need to become a man’s man. If you give value to others they will follow you.

Be honest and care about others, but always live on your own terms.

Challenges will make you a strong man, if you learn to overcome them. It doesn’t matter if life isn’t fair, what matters is if you are going to let little obstacles hold you down.

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