Why Do Bad Boys Make Women Melt, and Good Boys Are Trapped in the Friend-Zone

If you want to attract women, don’t listen to what they say, pay attention to what they do. Most females say they want a nice guy, but they always fall for jerks. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you need to become a jerk to attract women, but you need to understand what are the attributes of the bad boy, which women find so attractive, and display them.


#1. – Nice guys are too good to be true

Nice guys are too good to be true. Women subconsciously believe they are hiding something. On the other hand, bad boys openly show their flaws to the world, they are real guys, and at least females know what they are getting into.


#2. – Alpha males live with passion

Bad boys have an attitude that says: “I live my life in my own terms.”  They do whatever they want whenever they want. They live with passion and females love that. They don’t let women control their lives, and as a result, they become a challenge for them.

On the other hand, nice boys give their power to women. Females are attracted to males that can display the attributes of a great protector, and an even better provider. Good boys don’t have control of their own life, and women assume they won’t be able to take care of them. Females will never feel attraction for a man they can control.


#3. – Women hate predictable dudes

Women are attracted to men they are curious about. If she believes that she has figured you out, the attraction will disappear. Bad boys keep females guessing all the time.

Good boys are very predictable, and boring. When women get bored the attraction dies.


#4. – Females want leaders

Bad boys are great leaders. Women believe that if they date a man of value, they will automatically gain value. On the other hand, good boys are followers, when girls date followers their social value goes down.

Women are hardwired to look for the leader of the pack. If you don’t assume your male role she won’t feel safe.


#5. – Sex

Women assume that bad boys are great lovers. Women think of sex, as much as men, even when they don’t openly say it. And of course, they want a man who will fill them with pleasure. Good boys don’t display the attributes that make women think they are good lovers.

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