Why Are Hot Girls Attracted to Rich Guys? (And No, It’s Not Because of the Money)

t’s true females are attracted to rich guys. But it’s not because of the money, is the skills, and traits, that helps them build their fortunes what the ladies find attractive. Rich guys are leaders; they live their life in their own terms. Others find value in them, so females find value in them too.

Before I share why females find rich guys so attractive, I want to encourage you to learn everything you can about how to create money. It doesn’t matter if you fail, you don’t need to be the next Bill Gates. Females are attracted to your potential, not to your achievements.

Developing an entrepreneurial spirit will, not only, help you attract gorgeous girls, but also you will enjoy more your life.


#1. – Evolution

Women are hardwired to look for strong genes. They will always look for the most powerful male in the pack because, as a general rule, he will give their offspring the best chances of survival.

In the past they judged their potential mating partners by their physical strength, today they judge them by their ability to make money.

Again, I want to emphasize that females are attracted to the traits of the wealthy, not to their money. A guy, who has a lot of money, but fails to display the attributes of the leader of the pack won’t attract women. No amount of money will help you attract women, unless you are able to display power.


#2. – Choice and Freedom

Money gives you choice and freedom. Rich guys do whatever they want, whenever they want. These traits make them extremely attractive to women. The good news is that you can display these traits even if you don’t have money.

Live with passion, and in your own terms. Work on your self-esteem. Internalize the feelings of a leader; this will help you send the right type of messages through body language. Finally, keep a playful mood at all times.


#3. – Fun and adventure

Nothing kills attraction faster than boredom. Live an exciting and adventurous life and you will attract females like bees to honey. And although it’s true that money helps, it’s not essential. You can have fun even if you are broke. You don’t need to be wealthy; you just need to enjoy life.

Develop the traits of wealthy men and you will attract any girl, and as a positive side effect you will also attract money.

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