What to Do After You Get a Girl’s Phone Number?

Getting a girl’s phone number is the easy part. After all, hot females give out their number all the time; it boosts their ego. The problem starts later, when you call her, or text her, and you get no response. You need to understand that just because a girl gives you her phone number your success is not assured. What you do after is what matters.

OK, you have her phone number, in this article I am going to tell you what to do with it.


#1. – Text the waters

Texting is the best alternative for the first contact, and a great way to test the waters. Holding a conversation, via text, with a girl should be easy if she is interested in you, or if she is just open to meet new people.

You need to keep a playful tone in your texts, and see how she responds. If she uses one-word responses, or if you realize that she is not playing along, you will know that she is not worth of your time.

Your first text message should remind her how she met you, and why do you have her phone number. Use something simple as: “Hi, it’s Luigi, the handsome photographer from last night.” If she doesn’t respond, you need to move on and stop wasting your time.

There are many fish in the water you should never get obsessed with just one girl. Instead…


#2. – Play the numbers game

You need to understand that not even the guys that are perceived as naturals succeed 100% of the time. Their greatest advantage is that they don’t let occasional setbacks affect their confidence.

Just by playing the numbers game you will experience the level of success most guys dream about. Collect as many numbers as you can, and contact as many girls as you can. With time you will be a master in this game and you won’t care if a girl responds or not.

Playing the numbers game will put you in a position where you qualify women, instead of letting them qualify you. This will increase your attractiveness, and your rate of success will increase.


#3. – Timing is very important

Again, you don’t want to be perceived as a desperate guy, and you don’t want women to qualify you. Don’t text, or call, women at 2:00 A.M. They will assume that you are alone, and that you have nothing better to do.

Also you need to vary the time between texts. Use the 50%-50% approach. Half of the time you should answer right away, and half of the time you should make her wait.

I know these concepts sound simple, but they work. Try them and you will date hot females like a rock-star!

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