What Naturals Know, About Women, That Gives Them the Upper Hand (and How You Can Join Them)

Naturals know something about females that gives them the upper hand. They know how to trigger sexual responses, and how to create strong feelings in them. Any guy can learn the basics of females’ psychology and attract the girl of their dreams.

Read this article cause I am going to share some basic principles that will transform you into a natural…


#1. – Become a sexually desirable male

Guys that are naturals know the importance of having a strong sexual presence. The more sexual tension you create around women, the more they will get aroused when they think about you.

You don’t need to be a good-looking guy to create sexual desire in females. It all comes from with in, think of it in terms of “vibe”. You need to feel as a sensual guy to project the right type of messages, and to get the right type of reactions.

Workout regularly, even if you don’t get a six-pack overnight, your feelings will change, and your sexual presence will increase. Learn the rules of style. How you dress will affect how you feel, and how females perceive you. You will not feel like a sensual male on baggy clothes. Create a personal style that gives you power, status and social value.

Use a nice fragrance; this is a fast and easy way to standout, and to trigger sexual responses in females, since their limbic brain is linked to their sense of smell.


#2. – Give the illusion that you are highly desired

Females are attracted to guys that have been pre-qualified by other females, specially hot ones. You need to give them the impression that you are highly desired. Develop an outgoing personality. Act as the leader of the pack, and keep a playful mood at all times.

Interact constantly with females, specially the ones you don’t consider attractive. This will help you relate with them without creating feelings of anxiety, and will make other females assume that you are a highly desired male.


#3. – You need to be always in control

Women are attracted to strong genes. They are attracted to the males that will give their offspring the best chances of survival. If you lose control they will assume that your genes are weak, and you will instantly lose desirability.

Females, specially the hot ones, will constantly test your ability to stay in control. They need to know if you are boyfriend material, or not. If you realize that a girl is testing you, assume that she is attracted to you. Don’t let her take the power from you or the attraction will die.

Become an alpha male and no girl will be out of your league.

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