What Is the Best Thing to Say to Get a Girl Back (Learn This or Lose Her Forever)

What is the best thing to say to get a girl back? The way in which you proceed after the breakout can help you fix things, and recover the love of your life, or kill the attraction forever. Here are some ideas I want you to think about.

First, you need to understand that females will listen to what you say through your actions, not with words. And if you really want her back here is what you need to say…


I’m OK with the breakup

Even if it hurts, if you want your girl back, you need to show her that you are fine with the separation. Believe it or not, this will influence her thoughts, and will make her think about you.

By showing her that you are OK with the separation you are rising your value. If she believes that she can have you back whenever she decides, you lose desirability.

By doing this, you are transferring the feeling of rejection to her. If you need to have her back, you are qualifying yourself to her, if she wants you back she is qualifying herself to you.


Tell her: “There is life after you”

You need to live your life, even if it’s without the love of your life. If your girl finds that you are living an exciting and fun life she will want to be part of it.

You should go out and meet new people, this will give you some perspective, and this will raise your market value. If other women are attracted to you, your woman will be attracted to you.

Besides, giving her some space will make her miss you.


One final thought…

I know separations are very hurtful. Because of your highly emotional state, you need to be careful and think twice before taking actions. Saying, or doing, the wrong thing at the wrong moment will kill the attraction forever. Never talk to your girl unless you are absolutely sure you are in control of your emotions. And remember, the less you say the better.

Don’t show signs of being hurt. Don’t complaint. You should say: “I agree, we should split”. This will shift the way she thinks and you will recover the power.

The best thing to say to get a girl back is you are a man of value. Say this through your actions. Make her work for the relation. Women are attracted to challenges. The more she needs to invest in the relation, the harder it will be for her to leave you.

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