Want to Date Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women? Here’s a Proven Path to Success!

Most guys think that attracting drop-dead gorgeous girls is impossible if you are not rich, famous, or good-looking.

I want you to engrave one idea in your mind, no matter what’s your current reality; no girl is out of your league. You can make the best-looking girls in the world crazy for you, but only if you learn to display the right type of traits.

In this article I am going to show you how to attract uncommonly beautiful women, boost your confidence, and change your beliefs about what’s possible.


#1. – They are not unreachable

Yes, uncommonly beautiful females are hard to reach, but they are not unreachable. The single most important thing you need to understand is that they are females with value, and they are hardwired to look for a male with value.

There are easy ways to display the attributes of a male with value, almost instantly. First, feeling is the secret. Your feelings and beliefs affect the messages that you send through body language. So, change your feelings and you will change how others perceive you.

Second, learn the rules of style. Clothes can help you display status, power, wealth, confidence, and charisma. Improve your style and women will perceive you as an attractive male, even if you look like Quasimodo’s ugly twin


#2. – They know they are beautiful

Gorgeous women are, not only, aware of their beauty, they also know that the most valuable males in the pack are attracted to them, so they never settle for second best.

Females’ value generally resides in their looks. The more beautiful a girl is, the higher her value. On the other hand, males’ value rests in the strength of their genes. If you want to date the best-looking girl in the place, you need to make your perceived value higher than hers. How?

Women will always fall for the leader of the pack, since as a general rule their genes are the strongest. How do you display the traits of the leader? Again, use the power of style to display high social value. Live your life in your own terms. Never qualify yourself to others, instead make others work for your respect. Live with passion, and never settle for less.


#3. – They can’t be seduced with generic compliments and routines

If you use the same type of compliments, and routines, as every guy use, you are going to get the same results every guy gets. If you want to date a unique woman you need to be unique.

Hot females have heard every single pickup line you can think of, or a variation. Using rehearsed pick up lines will make women perceive you as an insecure guy, and your social value will decrease. Don’t worry about what you say, instead pay attention on how you say it. If it doesn’t feel natural it doesn’t work.

Rock stars date top models all the time, even the ugly ones. Why? It’s because of their perceived value. Learn to display the right type of traits and you will also date top models.

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