Using Hypnosis to Your Advantage – How to Hypnotize Women Without Words (Let Them Come to You)

You don’t need to learn complicated word patterns to hypnotize the girl of your dreams. Most guys believe that words work like magic spells, but they don’t. Just like with pickup lines unless you are able to engage your subject in the interaction you will fail miserably.

Since 80% of what you say doesn’t come out of your mouth, hypnotizing females through non-verbal channels is not only possible, but also inevitable. I want to share some ideas that will help you attract any woman you desire…


First, the biggest myth about hypnosis

People believe that you can use hypnosis to make people do things against their will, but you can’t. Our goal here is to bring some behaviors, which are already implanted deep in our subject’s subconscious, to the surface, and trigger them at will.

In other words, you want to help them know what their real desires are, and show them that you can fulfill them.


Why you don’t need words to hypnotize people

If you needed words to hypnotize women you would be on big trouble.

First, you would need to approach your subject, or to get someone to introduce you to her, to use your “magic hypnosis patterns”.

Second, unless you already have her attention your lines won’t have any impact on her.

And finally, unless you are able to speak on a natural way she will find out what you are trying to do, and her defenses will make it very hard to induce the desired state on her mind.


There is a better way

Watch any cartoon, or movie. What is the main tool that hypnotists use to influence their subjects: their eyes. Of course, this weapon is highly exaggerated on cartoons, but there is some truth behind it. Hypnotists have used their eyes to induce hypnotic states in their subjects for years.

Research has demonstrated that you can use your eyes to fascinate people, and make them more open to your suggestions. Every time you speak to people look them directly in their eyes. This will trigger chemical, and physical responses in their body that will help your message to be received more effectively.

Second, have you noticed that hypnotists use a slow and warm voice tone when they speak to their subjects? This same principle applies to your body language. You want to move slowly and consciously. This will help you engage your subject in the interaction. Once you have their full attention your message will be received effectively.

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