Use the Power of Sight to Create Love at First Sight (Make Her Feel Love Almost Instantly)

People were able to communicate before they developed the ability to speak. They communicated through gestures, body language, the use of their eyes, and with some animal-like sounds. Why do guys still believe that the use of words is the only way to communicate? Learning cheesy pickup lines won’t help you attract women.

Think about it, we communicated with each other before a spoken language was born, and we still say more through non-verbal channels than we do through words.

You can use the same tools that cavemen used to make females fall in love with them; you can crack the system and create love at first sight.


Does love at first sight even exist?

I would say that, if you were able to create feelings in someone you’ve just met, and it developed into a long rewarding and fulfilling relationship, yes love at first sight exists.


How to create feelings in someone you’ve just met, with your eyes


#1. – Watch them directly in their eyes.

Research has demonstrated that looking right into people’s eye create some chemical, and physical reactions in their bodies that will make them believe that they are already in love with you. It’s the same body response that some drugs have on most organisms.

Make sure you look into their eyes, not in their eyebrows, or in their nose.


#2. – Develop a warm gaze

Scientists have demonstrated that large pupils increase their subject’s attractiveness. When you are sexually aroused or when you have thoughts about love your pupils dilate. This makes you automatically more appealing and your prospect will get the feelings you are trying to implant on her.


#3. – Look into her eyes for a little longer

Recent research shows that when people are in love they look at each other’s eyes for longer periods of time. Glue your eyes into your prospect’s eyes for an exaggerated period of time. This will make her believe that she is already in love with you. When you have to break eye contact do it reluctantly and stare at her mouth, or her neck. If her responses are positive you will know that you are getting the desired results.


#4. – Move slowly

Seduction is all about rhythm. You need to move slowly and in a sensual way. This way you will increase the power of your gaze, and the results will be better. It’s also a good idea to use a warm and slow voice tone.


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