Things to Consider When Starting a Cardio Routine

So, you’ve made the decision to workout regularly. There are some things you need to consider before you start your routine…


#1. – Time and Frequency.

How long will your workout sessions be? How often will you be training? If you want to get long-term results you need to be constant, and you have to design a workout schedule that will help you increase your consistency. So, long training sessions are not a viable alternative.

Research demonstrates that short high-intensity workout sessions, performed every other day, help people to achieve better results. And they last for a lifetime. If you have 5 to 10 minutes a day you can get in shape very fast.


#2. – You don’t need especial equipment

We live in the era of infomercials, and they have washed our brain to make us believe that we can only train with expensive equipment.

You don’t need machines to workout. In fact, many times using training equipment can be counterproductive. The only piece of equipment I use to workout is a training towel.

I don’t need equipment or a lot of space to train. So, I am able to workout even when I am on the road.


#3. – Are you lowering or increasing your metabolism.

There are two types of cardio routines. One helps you build muscle mass, and as a result increases your metabolism. And the second makes you lose muscle mass, and as a consequence your metabolism lowers.

One very important thing you have to consider when starting a cardio routine is, “will this routine increase or decrease my metabolism?”

Long hours of low-intensity cardio will decrease you body’s ability to burn calories. On the other hand, short high-intensity sessions will make your body burn fat even while you sleep.

What type of body would you prefer to develop? The strong toned figure that race sprinters, like Usain Bolt have, or the skinny muscle-less physique that marathon racers have.

For me it’s and easy decision less gym, better results.


These are only some pointers to get you started. Remember, we need to find a simple but effective fitness routine that we can incorporate into our everyday schedule, so we can achieve results that will last for the rest of our life.

I lost 20 kilograms of weight, 10 of them in one month. So I know this stuff works. You need to remember that in the fitness arena, simple works, complicated fails. The problem with most fitness programs is that they over-complicate simple stuff. That’s why most people lose motivation and quit.

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