The Truth About Why Women Are Attracted to Money and Power

Women are attracted to guys with money, and power, for two main reasons. First, females are hardwired to look for males who can be great providers, and if needed good protectors. Second, because they assume that rich and powerful guys can give them a life of excitement and adventure.

If you are a broke dude, and you don’t even have influence over your dog, don’t worry, you are not defeated. You can attract any girl if you learn to display the right type of attributes.


#1. – Show them your potential, not your achievements

Gorgeous girls are not only attracted to rich guys; they are attracted to guys with the potential to be rich. Show them that you are ambitious, and even if you don’t have one dime to your name they will be attracted to you.

Powerful men speak through their actions, not through words. You will never convince a girl of your potential if you only speak of your future plans. She needs to see you actually taking action. It doesn’t matter if you fail, or if you take baby steps. The important thing is to show her that you are a man of action.


#2. – Show them that you have power

You don’t need to have presidents, or senators, on speed dial to show females that you have power. Just show them that you have some influence over people.

The single most important thing you can do to gain influence over others is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Learn to respect yourself, and others will respect you. Live your life in your own terms, and never seek for others’ approval.

Make people feel good about themselves, and they will seek your company every time they need a boost in their self-esteem.

Finally, learn the rules of style. Dressing in the right way can help you be perceived as a powerful guy. Dress like a king and others will believe you are one.


#3. – Show them that you live an exciting an adventurous life

You can live an exciting, and adventurous life. And although it’s true that power and money helps, it’s not essential. You can fight boredom even if you are broke. Learn to enjoy your life, and show females the rewarding experiences they could live with you.

Females are not attracted to power and money; they are attracted to the things that those features bring. Learn to display the traits of the alpha male and you will become their first mating choice.

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