The Things I Do Right Every Time I Make Women Fall in Love With Me

Although I don’t consider myself the best-looking guy in the world, I enjoy the abundance of women others dream about. I learned from the best, a very ugly dude, who I consider to be my friend, and my mentor.

He taught me what I needed to do to make women fall in love with me, every single time. Today I want to share what I learned from him…


#1. – You need to be mysterious

Girls are attracted to guys they are curious about. One of the most common mistakes guys make is to disclose everything about themselves right away. If you want to make a girl obsessed with you, keep her guessing. Show her something new about yourself every day. Never show her all your cards at once.


#2. – You need to become a challenge

Females fall in love when they have to invest in the relationship. Make them work for your attention and they will chase you. Why do you think bad boys are so attractive to females? They represent a challenge. Females live with the fear of losing them.

The minute a girl believes that you are a sure thing the attraction will die forever. If you become a challenge, not only your prospect will fall in love with you, your social value will raise and other females will find you attractive.


#3. – You need to keep a playful mood at all times

By keeping a playful mood you will display power and confidence. You will be able to tease girls effectively, and you will create sexual tension. Alpha males are playful guys. They live with passion, and they enjoy life; this makes them extremely attractive.

A playful mood will help you send the right type of messages, through body language. Since 80% of what you say doesn’t come out of your mouth, you need to be careful with the messages that you send, or you are going to kill the attraction.


#4. – Feeling is the secret

If you could only learn one thing about how to attract women it should be: “feeling is the secret.” Just by changing your feelings you will change your interactions with females instantly. Feel like a chick-magnet, and you will become one. Feel like the man females fall in love with, and they will become addicted to you.

Your feelings affect your body language, the perception others have about you, and the way in which you live your life.

If you want to know the biggest secret women are hiding about what turns them on, watch this presentation from my friend  Josh Pellicer.

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