The Real Secrets of Seduction – Uncertainty Can Increase Romantic Attraction (Keep Her Guessing)

Let me share a secret, uncertainty can increase romantic attraction. Understand this basic principle and you will not only be able to attract gorgeous girls, you will make them addicted to you.

This is not my opinion; it’s a proven fact. According to the results of a research published in the Journal of Psychological Science: ” People who create uncertainty about how much they like someone can increase that person’s interest in them.”

Here are the steps you need to take to make any girl obsessed with you…


First, show interest

Research demonstrates that people tend to feel attracted to people who likes them; it’s the basic principle of reciprocity. So, yes you need to show interest, but you need to do it in subtle ways.

Never be to open while showing your true feelings. Alpha males are guys that are always in control, and if you appear like a vulnerable human being you will lose the air of mystery and as a consequence desirability.


Always send mix signals

Keep a girl guessing and she will become obsessed with you. Females are attracted to guys they are curious about. So, your job is to send mixed signals constantly. Use your body language to send positive and negative messages. You should send signals that say: “I may be interested”. Instead of: “I really like you”.

The harder it is for a girl to figure you out the stronger the feelings she will develop for you.


Use absence to your advantage

You should learn how to use absence to make females think about you. Make the moments you are around count, and then alternate with absence to increase the desire. You should always leave the interaction in the peak point; this will make females crave for your company.


Learn how to create sexual tension

If you keep a friendly and playful attitude, but at the same time are able to create sexual tension, no girl will be able to resist you. Learn to touch females in subtle ways; this will create comfort, and sexual tension. Then, leave when you realize the tension has reached its peak point. This will increase their uncertainty about your true feelings.


One final thought…

Females need to discover something new about you everyday. Never show them all your cards. The minute they believe they have figured you out the challenge will be over and the attraction will be gone forever. Uncertainty can increase romantic attraction, so use this powerful tool to your advantage.

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