The One Secret About How to Get a Girl Addicted to You I Have Never Revealed Until Now

You can make any girl addicted to you once you learn one of the best-kept secrets in the relationships arena, which is the “emotional’s chemical stimuli”. You need to learn how to create some physical, and chemical, reactions in women’s bodies to make them addicted to you.

There are some easy ways to trigger some chain reactions in women’s bodies. These reactions are similar to the ones people experience by using some drugs, and they have a huge impact on their emotions. In this article I am going to show you how to become females’ drug of choice…


#1. – Use a nice fragrance

Females’ sense of smell is connected to their limbic brain. In other words, you can use the power of scent to turn women on.

Using a nice fragrance will produce some sexual responses in females. And if you always use the same fragrance they will learn to relate you to that scent. So, even if you are not present, when they smell the same odor, or a similar one, they will feel aroused, and they will think about you.


#2. – Create sexual tension through touch and sight

Science has demonstrated that the rush that people feel when they feel sexual tension is the same rush they feel when they use cocaine. In other words, if you make females feel sexual tension they will become addicted to you.

Use the power of physical contact. You need to touch females to make them feel sexual tension. Of course, you need to touch them in sensual ways. Giving them a slap in the back like you do with your male friends will not make them feel attracted to you.

Staring at a girls’ mouth, in a close range, will make her want to kiss you. This will also produce the chemical, and physical, reactions in her body that will make her develop feelings for you.

You should also look straight into her eyes whenever she is talking to you. This is just another easy way to create tension.


#3. – Use the power of absence

Making a girl addicted to you is very easy. Make her body produce the reactions that will affect her feelings, and in the peak moment leave. Give her some space so she can miss you.

Learn to display the right type of traits, and create the right type of feelings in them, and no girl will be out of your league.

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