The Most Common Mistakes You Can Make When You Try to Seduce Women

You don’t need to be the best-looking guy in the world, or the wealthiest, to attract gorgeous girls. Just avoid some of the common mistakes, most guys make, and your odds will rise.


#1. – Don’t try to be someone you are not

To attract women, you don’t need to become another guy; you just need to become the best version of yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. Pretending to be someone you are not will make you feel anxious. And women will perceive you as a fake, and insecure, guy.

Women love a guy who knows what he wants in life. Be clear about the guy you want to be, and the things you want to achieve in life. Never settle for less, and women will become obsessed with you.


#2. – Don’t try to be too nice

There is a big difference between a true gentleman and a people pleaser. A gentleman exudes confidence, and lives his life in his own terms. A people pleaser is a needy, and insecure, guy who seeks people’s approval. A gentleman is an alpha male with high social value, while a people pleaser is the last link of the social chain.

You don’t need to be a jerk when you interact with women. But also, you should not try to be too nice. Never seek for their approval. Don’t qualify yourself to them. In most cases being too nice will kill the attraction and turn them off.


#3. – Don’t talk about your feelings with women

Women are emotion-centric beings, and guys are thought-centric creatures. But, the fact that females’ take decisions mainly by emotion doesn’t mean that by showing them your inner feelings you are going to win their heart.

On the contrary, you need to perform your male role to make them comfortable into performing their female role. If you start talking about your feelings you will be performing the female role, and you will lose desirability.

Females want a guy that makes them feel safe, a guy who is always in control. They will constantly test your ability to be a good protector, and if needed an even better provider. If you lose control, by showing them your emotions, they will assume you are a weak man and you will lose them forever.

This world is filled with beautiful women. There are literally millions of females seeking for what you, and only you, can offer. Avoid these common mistakes and you will enjoy the abundance of women others dream about.

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