The Introverted Man’s Advantage – Exploit Your Unique Strengths an Attract Any Girl!

Believe it or not, females are crazy for reserved guys. If you are an introvert dude don’t fight it, use it to your advantage. Learn to exploit your strengths instead of trying to overcome your weaknesses.

You can attract the girl of your dreams, and you don’t need to become another guy to do it. Just become the best version of yourself. Do the things that feel natural to you. Move on the places that make you feel comfortable. Live your life in your own terms.

In this article I am going to show you the introverted man’s advantage, and how to use it to make hot girls crazy for you.


#1. – Females love mysterious guys

Females are attracted to the guys they are curious about. It’s hard for women to read an introvert man; there is an aura of mystery around him. On the other hand, extrovert guys are very easy to read. They show all their cards almost instantly. When a girl believes that she has figured a guy out the attraction will die.

Use your shyness to your advantage, and make girls curious about you. But, be careful not to appear as if you are hiding something. This will have the opposite effect.


#2. – Females love guys who live in their own terms

Females see introverts as guys who are not affected by social norms. Girls believe that they rely on themselves for happiness and satisfaction. In other words, they live in their own terms.

There is a big difference between an introvert man, and a guy who lacks confidence. Females will never be attracted to a guy who is not confident. If you show them that you live your life in your own terms, and that you are not concerned about others opinions, they will assume that you are self-assured, and they will be attracted to you.


#3. – Females love guys with emotional depth

Females want to live a life similar to the ones the read about on romantic novels. They want a guy with emotional depth because they assume that he will bring romance, and adventure, to their lives.

Females perceive introverts as guys with emotional depth. On the other hand, extroverts don’t display the aura of adventure that the quiet guys exude.

Don’t confuse being an introvert guy with having low self-esteem. You can attract any girl, but you must believe in yourself. You need to love yourself before others can love you.

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