The Hidden Art of the Finger – How to Finger Properly

Guys that are great with women are also very skillful in bed. They use every tool at their disposal to please women, and leave them wanting for more. The correct use of your hands, and fingers, is just another tool you need to add to your sex-arsenal. Use it wisely and, not only, will your girl become addicted to you, other females will also be attracted to you. Because you know, they talk!

Obviously, every woman has different needs, and it’s your job to learn how to please your girl in the most effective way. Anyway, I want to share some ideas that will help you build a solid foundation.


#1. – Pace yourself

Rhythm is the secret for successful sexual intercourse. You need to pace yourself. Many guys consider fingering as foreplay, and they just jump into it. This is a big mistake. Before you use your hands, and fingers, to stimulate women’s sexual organs, you need to stimulate their mind.

You need to start testing the waters until you know, for sure, that your girl is turned on. You also need to know if she is relaxed, cause if she is not, you can hurt her with your fingers.

Everything you do after she is turned on will be highly pleasurable for her.


#2. – The power of the clit

Although every girl is different, as a general rule, the clit is the spot you need to concentrate your efforts on. You need to make sure her clit is properly moist, if it’s not, use a lubricant.

The secret for effective clit stimulation is to touch it in a firm, but light, way. Use the tips of your fingers and perform round movements in her clit. Watch her reactions, and increase, or decrease, the speed, and hardness, of your touch accordingly. When you realize that she is in the climax, go as fast as you can, and don’t stop until she is done.


#3. – Hit the G-spot

The G-spot is another place you should concentrate on. Introduce your middle and index fingers deep in your girls’ vagina, and then rub them against the top roof of it. Again you need to play with the hardness, and speed of your touch. Watch her reactions to find the perfect way to touch her.

Most relationships die sexually before they die at all. Knowing how to please your woman is one of the most important skills you can learn to make her fall in love with you. Learn what she wants, and give it to her!

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