The Hidden Art of Attracting a Girl That Hates You

You may think that attracting a girl who hates you is impossible, but it’s not. You have an advantage over other guys; think about it, she already has strong feelings for you. How many guys are able to create strong feelings in a woman?

Here are some ideas I want you to think about…


Does she actively hate you?

You should be worried if a girl hates you passively. In other words, she ignores you or she is indifferent. But, if a female is active, or aggressive, about her hate for you take it as good news. In the majority of the cases she likes you, even if in some cases, she is not conscious about it.

It’s true what they say; there is only one step between hate and love. If you manage the interactions in a wise way you are going to make her feel madly in love with you. Love that comes from hate is stronger; so don’t take this lightly.


How to manage the interactions?

First, ignore her. This is like dynamite for her mind. If you realize that the more you ignore her the more she reacts, you know for sure that she likes you.

Of course you need to be subtle in the way in which you ignore her. Just tell her, through your attitudes, that her attacks don’t affect you. This will help you display the confidence that females find so attractive.

If you show some kind of resentful or hurtful attitude, while you ignore her, it will have the opposite effect.

Second, be a gentleman. Answer her aggressions with friendliness. If she slaps you, show her the other cheek. If you don’t give good reasons, for her to hate you, her mind will blow away. She will realize that deep inside she doesn’t hate you; she only has strong feelings for you.

Finally, improve yourself everyday. By working on yourself, you are eliminating the reasons others may have to hate you. You acknowledge your flaws and you are making an effort to eradicate them. Just be careful, don’t let others tell you what you need to improve.

Attracting a girl who hates you is a rewarding challenge. Think about it, if you are able to date a girl who openly shows hate towards you, no girl will be out of your league. Dare to do mighty things and the sky will be the limit.

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