The Best Way to Make Your Girlfriend Appreciate You More

Every single relationship has growing periods, where little interest transforms into strong feelings. Peak moments, where those strong feelings reach the climax. And exhaustion phases, where the people involved gets used to each other, and the feelings of love and excitement start fading away.

If you feel that your girlfriend is losing interest in you, or if you only want her to appreciate you more, you should figure what is the phase that your relationship is going through, and take the necessary measures.

Here are the three phases that every relationship goes through, and what to do to keep the attraction alive…


#1. – Increase the tension

In this phase you will transform the initial interest of your love partner into strong sexual, and love, feelings. Remember that a natural exhaustion phase will come sooner or later, so you need to create feelings that are strong enough to survive the fading period.

All you need to do to create, or increase, sexual tension in females is to learn the art of the touch, and the power of your eyes. Touching a girl will generate the right type of tension. You need to touch her in subtle ways and observe her reactions; increase or decrease the touch accordingly.

When you are talking to a girl, always look her straight into her eyes. This will produce some chemical, and physical reactions in her body that will make her fall, or stay, in love with you.


#2. – Always leave in the peak moment

If you leave when your girlfriend wants you more, she will become addicted to you. Make her enjoy your company and give her some time, and space, so she can miss you. Leave when you believe that you have reached the climax of the interaction. Don’t wait until it starts fading away, or the power of your absence will be less effective.


#3. – Rest, but not for too long

This is the trickiest of all phases. Every relationship has exhaustion periods. You should give your girl some rest time, and space. But, be careful not to give too much, or the relationship will die.

Nothing kills the attraction faster than boredom. Don’t let your relation become a routine. After some rest, you should provide adventure and excitement to your loved one. Create sexual tension, so she can fall in love with you again.

In conclusion, the best way to make your girl appreciate you more is to make her enjoy your company, and give her, strategically, time and space so she can miss you.

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