The Best Way to Get a Girl Back (Forever)

It’s easier to attract a new girl than winning a girl back, but it’s not an impossible task. There are a lot of things that you can improve that will make your girl perceive you as a new and better version of yourself.

I want to share some basic principles that, not only, will help you recover the love of your life, but will improve how all women perceive you. But first you need to understand…


It doesn’t matter what happened, it’s your fault

Attracting women has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with you. If your girl cheated on you, or she abandoned you for no good reason, it’s your fault. Once you assimilate this idea everything will improve. Please don’t worry; it’s good news. It means you have total control of your life, and that you have the power to fix any problem.

If you stop blaming others, and take full responsibility of your life, you will change it instantly.

Here are some common reasons that destroy relationships, and how to fix them…


#1. – If she gets bored, it’s over.

This is a common problem between couples. When people start dating they are very excited about being with their loved one, and they do fun stuff together. But when time goes by they let their life transform into a boring routine. Girls want to live a life similar to the ones they read about on Romantic Novels, filled with adventure, and excitement.

Ask yourself: “Did we lived in a boring relation?” If you want to get your girl back the first thing you need to do is to show her that you have an exciting and adventurous life, and that her life with you will be fun.


#2. – Become a mysterious man

This point is related to the previous. Women are attracted to guys they are curious about. She need’s to discover something new about you everyday. Never show her your cards, keep her guessing. If she believes that she has figured you out the attraction will disappear.

Make her wonder, what will this new day bring? Show her a side of you that she have never seen.


#3. – You need to acquire the traits of the alpha male.

If you let your girl, or other people, influence your life no woman will be attracted to you. Females are not attracted to males that are not in control. Live your life in your own terms and no woman will be able to resist you. Why do you think bad boys are so attractive to women? They live the life they choose to live. On the other hand, good boys are trapped in the friend zone.

Never settle for less. Make your girl believe that there is a lot of potential in you. Show her that you live with passion and she will be back as fast as she left.

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