Secrets of the Alpha Male – What Short Guys Should Know About How to Appear Taller

You don’t need to be a tall guy to attract women; you just need to display the attributes of a tall guy. It is true; females are attracted to big dudes. But, it’s not because of the physical feature, it’s because women are hardwired to look for strong genes, and high stature is a sign of strong genes.

If you are a short guy, stop what you are doing, grab a seat, and read this article cause I am going to show you how to make the most out of your height.


#1. – Proper posture

Proper posture will, not only, help you look tall, but also help you feel more confident. Stand tall and take as much space as possible, this will help you exude confidence, and show females that you have strong genes. If you do this properly you will become their first mating option, even over taller dudes.


#2. – Workout regularly

Working out regularly offers several advantages. First, exercise will improve your posture and, as a result, you will look taller. Second, carrying excessive weight will make others perceive you as a shorter guy. It’s an optical illusion. So, the better your fitness level, the taller you will appear.


#3. – Grooming

Stature is not only a matter of size it’s also perception. We want to use every tool at our disposal to change the way people see us. If you are a short guy you need to keep your hair short. Long hair will hide your neck and shoulders, making you look shorter. A long beard will have the same effect; you should avoid hiding your neck.

Proper grooming has a bonus. Well-groomed guys will exude confidence, and females will perceive their genes as strong.


#4. – The power of style

It’s important to learn the rules of fashion. This will help you hide your flaws and highlight your assets. Using clothes in the proper way can help you fake height. For example, if you are a short guy, stay away from baggy clothes, use vertical stripes they are your best friends, and always use solid, dark, colors.

Dressing in the right way will also help you display other qualities, like power, status, and confidence. This will make you display the traits of taller males, making you more attractive to women.

You can date any girl it doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, rich, poor, handsome, or ugly. Attracting women always begins in how you think, change your mindset and you will change your life. Don’t let any physical disadvantage rule your life.

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