Secrets of Small Talk – How to Get Any Girl Interested in You!

Do you want to learn how to get any girl interested in you? Then, you should learn the secrets of small talk. Being able to approach, or attract, gorgeous girls is just the first part of the equation; actually it’s the easy part. The real challenge begins once you are interacting with them.

How do you keep women’s attention? What should you say to make them see you as a potential sexual partner? How to use the power of small talk to tease them effectively?

I know, this sounds hard! But don’t worry it’s not! With the right guidance, and some practice, you will be able to master the art of small talk in no time. I want to share some basic principles to help you get started…


#1. – Be genuine

The single most important thing you need to understand to master small talk is that everything you say, or do, should be congruent with your personality. Females can perceive when you are faking, and they will feel uncomfortable around you.

Don’t use an ice-breaking technique, just because you saw another guy using it with success. Close-up magic, pick-up lines, or rehearsed jokes only work for those guys who feel comfortable using them. You should find out what works best for you, instead of becoming another guy’s clone.


#2. – You need to feel comfortable in your own skin

One of the best-kept secrets on small talk is that it’s not what you say that matters; it’s how you say it. Two guys who say the same things will get different results. All the difference relies in the delivery.

You need to worry less about what to say, and be more concerned about how you feel.

What you feel, and believe tends to show in your body language, and on how people perceive you. If you have problems with your self-esteem, if you feel anxious, and if you don’t display confidence, no system or technique will make your small talk messages effective.


#3. – Learn to listen!

Ironically, masters of small talk spend most of their time listening. You don’t need to know what to say next to keep the conversation going, just listen, and respond in a way that invites your prospect to keep talking. The less you talk, and the more your prospect talks, the more successful the interaction will be.

Is there more to it than that? Of course there is! Small talk is just one of the many skills you need to develop to become a chick-magnet, but it’s a key one. Learn the art of small conversation and all your social interactions will flow with ease.

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