If Your Girlfriend Cheats on You It’s Your Fault (Don’t Worry You Can Avoid It)

There are a lot of attributes of bad boys that make women melt for them. If you understand and acquire them, your girl will never cheat on you, she will never think of another man. Even if Brad Pitt hits on her you will be safe. Here are the principles you need to understand to keep her attracted to you…


#1. – Boredom kills attraction

Nothing kills attraction faster than routine. Women crave for excitement. They are attracted to bad boys because they live exciting lives. Why do you think Romantic Novels sell so well? Girls want to live a life similar to the ones they read about on books, filled with adventure, and excitement.

Boredom is the main reason so many marriages end up in divorce. Most couples stop doing exciting things when they settle down. If you don’t give her adventure she will find it with another guy.


#2. – Become a mysterious man

Women are attracted to guys they are curious about. You need to show her a new part of you everyday, keep her guessing. If she believes that she has figured you out the attraction will disappear.

Become a challenge for her. Make her invest in the relation. The more she invests in you, the less likely it will be for her to cheat on you. Of course, becoming a mysterious guy doesn’t mean that you don’t show her that you care, or that you need to be disrespectful.


#3. – Bad guys always go all-in

Bad boys are risk-takers. They are men of action. When they want something they go for it, and never think of the consequences. Females love men who live with passion. How many guys settle for a mediocre life, and then wonder why nobody wants to be a part of it.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Women are attracted to your excitement and potential. But, if you settle for less and don’t live your life with passion, the attraction will die.


One final thought…

This is technically not an attribute of bad boys, but you need to be respectful with women. Every time you hurt her feelings part of the attraction dies. It doesn’t matter what she says or does, you need to stay in control.

Women will constantly test your ability to stay in control. This shows her that you are a great protector and an even better provider. If you fail the test the attraction will die forever.

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