How to Tease a Girl and Make Her Feel an Irresistible Attraction for You

Teasing helps guys display all the attributes that women find so attractive and irresistible, like confidence, a playful attitude, and a little bit of mystery. Learn to tease women and I promise they will be drawn to you like bees to honey. Here are some things you need to consider when teasing women…


#1. – Confidence is key

Remember, the number one quality you need to acquire if you want to attract women is confidence. It doesn’t matter what you say as long as you show confidence when you say it.

Confidence is a muscle; you need to work it out. Never think of the outcome, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Live in the moment and don’t fear rejection. The fear of rejection is the number one reason why guys get rejected. Remember, your feelings affect your body language. If you are nervous your body will send all the wrong signals to women.


#2. – Be polite

There is a classy, and a rude, way to tease women. If you don’t know the girl you need to be appropriate. If she doesn’t laugh with you then you are doing something wrong.


#3. – Keep a playful attitude at all times

Teasing is like a dance; it should be fun. Keep a playful mood at all times and watch her reactions. If you get to serious your lines won’t be accepted like jokes, and females may get offended. You need to make sure they receive your message in the right tone.


#4. – Test the waters, and touch her

Trust and comfort builds with time. If you notice that, after a while, the girl you are teasing feels comfortable, you can tease her physically. For example, if she is wearing a wristwatch, hold her hand and say: “this watch is nice, is it one of those prizes that come in the cereal’s box?”

Notice her reactions when you touch her and increase or decrease the touching accordingly. Touching women is very important because it builds sexual tension. Without sexual tension there is no attraction. This is the part that will make her irresistibly attracted to you.

Remember you need to keep a playful attitude. Make her feel comfortable with you.

Teasing is a game; enjoy it. Don’t turn this fun an exciting activity into a stressful situation. Start with women you feel comfortable with, and then go for the hot females. Take baby steps.

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